sweet phone call

As I was laying on the couch yesterday afternoon with a swollen mouth from my dental work, I got a phone call. Normally would have ignored it because it hurt to talk, but I saw that it was EE, so I had to answer! (I mean, if she can talk to me only a few minutes before walking down the aisle, I can talk to her through half a moveable mouth, right…)

Although I was uncomfortable and didn’t feel well, something about the phone call cheered me up and made my afternoon:

  • the re-straining of my jaw through laughing
  • hearing about the wedding and the excitement in her voice when she squealed that she’s married
  • learning that EE is only “partially married right now and laughing about the situation with her
  • the sound of Sam’s little voice talking to me on the phone
  •  hearing E’s beautiful voice speaking oh, so calmly to Sam when she was tired and upset
  • signing off by telling E to tell her hubby we said hey!

It was a sweet, sweet call, and I’m thankful that I took it.

EE, your call made my day. I love you!

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