Perfect words from my perfect husband at just the perfect time.
Annual Review day.


Holy One,

 I pray that you would be with Katie and her supervisors as she has her review.  Give her a calm that only you can provide.  Give her supervisors the vision to see the work that she does so well.  I pray that you would hold Katie in the palm of your hand and give her comfort in knowing that above all things she is yours.  Help her supervisors to voice their appreciation for the job that Katie does.

 I pray all of this in your name, Amen.


My hubby knows me too well and knows just how to make me calm when I’m stressed. He also knows exactly how to be my biggest supporter and advocate.


Lord, I don’t quite understand sometimes why you would bless me with such a wonderful man, but I’m grateful. My husband is my advocate, he’s my love, he’s my comfort, and my support. My husband lights up when I walk in the room, and always wants to be near me. My husband is truly a glimpse of Your love for me, God, and I’m utterly astounded and completely unworthy. But, knowing all of this, I’m still thankful that you love me this much and want me to be constantly reminded of Your perfect love by showing me tiny pieces of it in my everyday life and in  relationships with others. Help me, Lord, to show Your perfect love to him…always and forever. Amen.

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