a wedding, a prom, a baptism, and a new building

If you know me, then you know that I don’t sit still very often. You also know that my calendar gets booked up literally months in advance (sometimes a much as a year…).

This past weekend was a BIG weekend in my life – and sadly, because my calendar was so booked up, I had to miss a good portion of the weekend. But what I did participate in was incredible!


Saturday, my Erin got married…in Iowa. (I was in class in Charlotte.) I had to miss her special day, but I figured that if I couldn’t make it then having my parents there was the second best thing. The ‘rents did a good job of sending me pics and video throughout the weekend, so it made the missing part a wee bit easier. I did get to speak to the bride about 20 minutes before she walked down the aisle, which was very special to me. I love me some EE, and wish that I could have been in Iowa in person to celebrate with her, but I know she was surrounded by enough love as she married her love, Jesse. Blessings on such a wonderful couple…and their little girl Sam, too!

While I couldn’t be there in person, E still included me in the big day.
Too wonderful, and too sweet. I love you, EE!


Saturday night, two of my first-ever youth ladies (remember, NKPY is a newer youth group)  attended their Junior prom! Yikes, where has the time gone…has it really already been nearly 6 years since I met them?!? We felt so honored and priviledged to be able to see them on prom night, and that they actually WANTED us to come see them. They were having their group dinner at Blue Marlin, so we (Mason, Rusty, Jana & I), after being strongly encouraged to do so, made reservations to have an adult prom dinner at Blue Marlin for the same evening – not the same time, however. When we arrived we were greeted at the door by two of the most beautiful young women that we’ve all ever seen, and we were so proud to know them and be a part of their lives…no matter how small a part. They proudly introduced us to their dates, and then took group pictures with us all before departing for their Junior prom at the Convention Center.

Melissa & Rachel, two of NKPY’s beautiful ladies!

Sunday morning our dear friends Jen & Rich presented their son Trey for baptism at First Presbyterian, Charlotte. We were supposed to attend the baptism, but since it was moved due to being “snowed out” from the orginal January date, we were unable to make the celebration this weekend. Nonetheless, we were praying for our friends and this adorable little boy while they made some very special promises on his behalf. Trey was welcomed into the congregation and prayers were said for him and promises made by his parents and the congregation to raise him in the everlasting love of God in Jesus Christ. How we wish we could have been in 3 places at once, but we are able to rest in knowing that our friends still love us, and that they know we were praying for them, with them and were there in spirit!

I mean, really, who couldn’t love this kid?!?

And, this weekend, New Kirk Presbyterian opened it’s doors for worship…in our own church building. It’s been a long road these past 6 years, but when we held our celebration prayer service on Saturday evening and then our first service on Sunday morning, God’s Spirit was present and fulfilling in a mighty way. I was blessed to serve Communion for the first time in the building and Mason did such a wonderful job leading Jana & Valerie in the first songs sung in worship in the building on Saturday night. On Sunday morning God gathered more than 285 people into this beautiful home and we sang praise for the blessings bestowed upon us, and prayed for our mission and vision to always be focused on Christ the King. Palm Sunday seemed a fitting day to open the doors of the building for worship, and I was honored to share in the service as we read our Scripture lesson from Matthew 21 and learned of Christ’s triumphal entry. Again, Mason sang beautifully in the band and Jana prayed for us in a new, unique and inspiring way. It’s hard to step back and breathe knowing that there’s still some unpacking to do, but it’s a blessing to be able to worship in the house that God built and that I’ve witnessed being built for almost 6 years. All Praise, Glory and Honor to our Almighty, Redeeming, Sustaining, Loving God!

New Kirk @ Night

And how can I possibly forget about NKPY’s first meeting in the building? We had nearly 40 students join us for fellowship, food, music, service, and discussions about worship & prayer. They are such a wild, crazy, energetic and wonderful group of youth, and it was also an honor to end our first weekend in the church building with youth group at our new home.

NKPY’s first gathering at the church building – March 28,2010.
What a group!


It was a very busy weekend, but a wonderful one all the same. My heart is happy today as I reflect back on the smiles and excitement from this weekend. And I’m still a wee bit sad for those things that I missed, but happy knowing that all involved are happy.


Hope your heart is happy today, too!

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