happy thursday

Today’s going to be a great day…despite the major project due on Saturday for class and the movie I have to watch tonight before Friday’s class.

I got to wake up this morning and be wrapped in the arms of my hubby…my all time favorite part of the day. I get up a wee bit earlier to start doing things, but every morning before I get in the shower Mason wants me to hop back in bed for a quick snuggle. I love being wrapped in his arms, and it’s my favorite part of my day!


I’m wearing a super cute new skirt today, and I’ve already gotten many compliments, too. Showing the painted toes in my peep-toe shoes, wearing a cute ruffle tank and sweater all with my adorable skirt. Feeling really cute today!


The sun is out shining…and it’s going to be a beautiful 76 degrees today! Yesterday was fabulous and I was out of the office some, today appears to be a repeat sort of day. (Let’s just hope the rain holds off until tomorrow like they’re forecasting…)


And, I have a fabulous group of bible study women who are stepping in to help me in a pinch tonight – even with me being my delinquent-member-self this semester. They’re meeting me at the church tonight to help deep clean and begin stocking nurseries & classrooms in prep for opening day on Sunday. Thanks Ladies!

Today is going to be a good day…I can feel it already!


Thanks, God, for a great day in the midst of a pretty crummy exam week!

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