(I always picture my dad dancing around when I hear this song!)


Today truly is a day of celebration!

I won’t go back and recount for you my journey of thyroid cancer survivorship since I did that last year, but I will tell you that today marks my 5th anniversary of being cancer free. It’s a big day in my life, and I’m so thankful to be able to celebrate. All I can do is dance and sing “Celebration” and I go about my day…it’s a great day today!


Wow, five years!
Where has the time gone…


Five years means a lot. It means I’m in the clear. It means that I’m done with my radioiodine treatments. It means that tomorrow, should I choose, I can be eligible for cancer insurance again. It means that we’re almost done with school and can start thinking about a family…down the road, of course…

Five years means a big celebration in the Todd & Barrett households. Today in 2005, Mason left the hospital to have a beverage while I was recovering in my hospital room. He ate alone at MCafe and had a beer while he released all tension that he’d accumulated over the day while I was in surgery. He was taking time to collect himself before he returned to Baptist to be by my side for my recovery and starting this journey. Today in 2010, Mason will not dine alone. He will celebrate the end of this journey with me by his side at dinner, then (weather permitting) we’ll  head to Carolina Stadium to cheer for the Gamecocks against Davidson. Five years makes a world of difference.

Five years ago I had to rely on my parents and Mason to help me do a lot on my journey. Five years later I can look at them, smile, and celebrate right along with them. We can look back and say, “Thank you, God” that this journey has come to an end and that we’re all together to celebrate and give praise.

I’m a blessed woman, and I’m so thankful that God has never forgotten to remind me of each blessing in my life. I woke up today to a perfect partner, the sun is shining, I get a date tonight, I’m alive and healthy, and I’m sure I’ll be talking to my family at some point today too. God is SOO GOOD! All the time. Even to people like me.

It’s been quite the journey, but today we’re done and we celebrate, as Kool & the Gang command. There’s a party going on, and it’ll last throughout this year, guaranteed!


Healer God, I praise you today for the life you give and the restoration you bring to broken, unhealthy lives. You are the one life-giver. You have chosen to give me life and healing, something for which I’m still unable to voice my profound gratitude. You have carried me on this journey, and you have now brought me to the end. I praise your Holy Name for the wonderous works you have done in and for me. I thank you for the companions you have given me that have shown me here on earth a glimpse of your love and care for me. Thank you for Mason,  for my parents and family, for my doctors, and thank you for my friends – too numerous to name all of them. I am constantly astounded that you would choose to love me and bless me as you have, but I will try to live in thanksgiving to you all the days of the life that you give me. As I celebrate today, Lord, I also ask you to continue to carry the families who are unable to celebrate as I do either because they are still fighting the ugly cancer disease, or because they are missing a loved one that you have called home. Please help me to remember that while I am celebrating today, there are still your children everywhere who need to be lifted and supported on their journey back into life or into life eternal. Almighty God, all praise, honor and glory are yours now and forever! Amen.

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