mail service

I recently mailed off an important package (read: rebate!) to a place that’s been covered in snow lately. Since I don’t do a lot of mailings – pay most of the bills online and when things do need to be mailed out, it’s usually BIG packages headed off to EE in Iowa – the weather conundrum, snowpocalypse, snotorious BIG…whatever…got me thinking:

Have the poor people in the midst of the blizzards been getting their regular, promised mail delivery?

I know, odd thought. But follow me for a minute. The USPS is constantly raising the costs of stamps and packages. (Yes, they did recently introduce flat-rate shipping to make customers happy, but still.) They are a Union, so they can raise their rates and pay their employees whatever they like without any say-so from “important” regulatory-type people.

We all remember the advertisements. The promises to deliver mail come rain, sleet, snow, hail, tornado, act of God, etc. I’m figuring that if they have promised this in the past, and they are continuing to raise prices every year or so, the poor citizens boxed in 50+” of snow up north should be entitled to regular mail delivery. I mean, it’s only fluffy snow…right?

To satisfy my curiosity, I went to the USPS website to do a bit of snooping around. (Did you know there’s a “local news” section on the website? You can go and find news for your state or region.) I looked up my poor relatives in Maryland and the DC area and was somewhat shocked but also not surprised either to read that the USPS suspended mail delivery in DC and some Maryland zip codes on Wednesday. They released a press-release on Thursday asking residents to please clear their mailbox areas “for the safety of delivery staff.” By just a simple Google search there are hundreds of links to newspaper reports and corresponding angry commenters.

It’s bad enough that these people are stuck in their homes and are resorting to building snowmen in nooses…the least they should get is their most recent copy of People, Sports Illustrated, New Yorker or Time magazines to keep them occupied. Poor people. Hope you get some relief…or at least a magazine soon enough…

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