droid v. iphone v. storm2

The Todd’s made the big switch recently. Our contract was up with Verizon and, after months of research and debating*, we decided to go ahead and stay with Verizon. There are quite a few reasons, the least of which is not the 15% state employee discount that I get on all plans and accessories. Nice.

Going back in the past for a moment: About 9 months ago we added my dad to our cell phone plan. My mom gets hers for free through work, and my dad was dropping his office option for sky-high prices and crummy phones, so he joined our plan. We had to make a leap from the “small plan with texting” to the “big @$$ plan with texting.” We were not going to change our plan to data at that point because it mean that we would have start the contract over again and we weren’t sure we’d stay with Verizon past the 2 years required. My dad was fine with giving up his data plan to join our plan, but he did need lots of minutes and unlimited texting. Pshew! What a change we had to make for him…especially after he went wayyy over his minutes one month. (And yes, he did get a talking-to about that…)

Present again. Needless to say, he had quite a few “thoughts” and “comments” to share with us as we were researching. My only three requirements: excellent service/coverage area, unlimited texting and access to my calendar on my mobile device. Daddy wanted a full data plan, this new phone called the Droid, and unlimited texting with lots of available minutes. Mason could have cared less. He just wanted a phone that worked and he could use to call people and maybe do some texting too. (He’s such an easy-to-please guy.)

All of the research came down to this: Verizon had great prices on full, unlimited data plans for 3 people, my employee discount, mobile-to-mobile calling, unlimited texting, and the Droid phone that my dad wanted up until about 3 days before we were to make our purchase. (He was simultaneously flirting with the iPhone.) They also carried the Blackberry Storm2 for me, as that was my phone of choice…until the moment of purchase. We did some further research and learned that Verizon will be getting the iPhone in a few short months – by the latter 1/2 of 2010, I’m pretty certain. We also found out that they would be getting the Palm Pre in a few months, too, which was Mason’s preferred phone of choice thanks to his friend Ryan.

Finally, we go in to buy our new plan and upgrade our phones. Around 2.5 hours later we all walked out with…the Motorola Droid. And we’re all hooked. It’s pretty slick…much like “owl poop” and it’s been pretty amazing about changing our lives too. I love the Google-based apps and maps. And the voice Google searching…too freakin’ awesome!

The advertisements say that “Droid Does,” and they don’t lie. Droid does pretty much whatever we ask it to do. I’m now addicted to: Google voice searching, Google maps & navigation, the Key Ring app, ShopSavvy, Amazon.com mobile, Skype mobile, the DVD-quality video camera, and even the Holy Bible – in about a million possible translations. Genesis in Bulgarian, anyone?

I’m not saying that I’ll always be using the Droid, but for now it’s more than meeting my needs and wants in a phone/laptop/personal assistant. I still love my iPod touch that I got for my birthday, and it’s making me think about a Verizon iPhone in the future, but I’ll probably stick with my Droid for a while…then make a switch eventually down the road.

For now, Droid Does…and makes Katie very happy in the process.



*Proper thanks need to be given to all the youth** at New Kirk Presbyterian for their help in our research. We tested a wide array of phones and plans, and ultimately fell in love with the Droid through one of our youth who received it in early December. So, thank you NKPY for your help in our extensive research.

**Does anyone else find it sad that teenagers have better technology than adults??

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