…and again…

The seminary will be posting over the next several weeks some of the lessons that I* created for Confirmation using children & adolescent literature. In the meantime, they have posted the curriculum overview and theory. (Here’s to crossing my fingers that some of the “bigwig” curriculum developers in Louisville just might catch a glimpse at – and like – some of the work…)

If you feel so inclined, here’s the link to the overview of the Confirmation curriculum:

Thinking Theologically with Adolescents: A Confirmation Curriculum


*Now, I would be a horrible wife and ministry partner if I didn’t also give credit to Mason for his work on this curriculum too. While he did not design lessons specifically for my curriculum but for his own, he did design lessons around using art in children’s literature which is included in the overall, complete curriculum plan. Some of the lessons stated in the overview are, when in practice in the congregation, actually lessons that Mason created in his curriculum.

While it’s a joy writing curriculum in general, it’s so much more enjoyable when you can do it with your husband and ministry partner. He’s so talented, and I’m so blessed to work in ministry alongside him.

Mason, thanks for all the encouragement you give me, and the way you challenge me in my desires for ministry. I love you and I’m eternally grateful for your presence in my life and ministry.

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