music to my ears

I know I’m going to get laughed at here. And I know this for a fact because I shared it with my Bible Study listerv and already got a “thanks, but I’ve had it for a year” from one of the ladies. I’m way behind the times, I know, but I’m going to share my new (to me) found love.


If you have not yet experienced Pandora Internet Radio, drop everything and head on over to immediately! Not only can I listen to this at work on thru my computer – which would be just perfect all on its own – but I can listen to this on my iPod docked to the stereo at home, and also plugged into the car through my other newest love, my Droid. (More to come on that later.)

I’ve seen friends post about this wonderful invention on their Facebook statuses before, but I have never really ventured into the world of Pandora until Monday. Really, what was I thinking waiting so long?!?

Monday I was having a really bad day. I had my iPod at work with me, but didn’t really feel like listening to my music. So, I ventured  on over to Pandora, signed up for an account, and wala…instant music that I like and can vote on to hear more (or less) of the songs played on my chosen station. Besides being awesome on principle, Pandora is almost an instant mood changer, too!

In the past few days I’ve rotated my stations depending on my mood. Currently, like right this moment, I’m listening to the Passion radio station and I’m getting to hear another new-t0-me David Crowder Band song. Last night I was listening to it at home on the stereo and heard a fabulous Steven Curtis Chapman version of Holy, Holy, Holy (which made me think of Mama, since it’s her all-time favorite hymn and one of her all-time favorite artists). When I went to my iPod to go vote “yes” to the song, I discovered yet another feature of this app/program. I could push one more button and wham!, buy it right then and there from iTunes. What??

As Daddy says, this is “slicker than owl poop.” And I’m pretty much loving it!

Today I’m feeling some Passion, Jay Sean and a little bit of 80s Dance Party Mix thrown in for good measure.

Thank you, Pandora, for being one more awesome thing that’s changing my life…

Technology. Ah-mazing.
Even if I am about a year behind everyone else.

One thought on “music to my ears

  1. Wow I feel so behind the times. I didn’t even know about this. Then again I don’t have Facebook either. I’m trying to be the last holdout on Earth! And I’m impressed about the driod thing. Just remember there are people less tech-savvy than you, namely me.


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