Beth Says it Best

It’s been a very long time since  I’ve read Beth Moore’s blog, LPM Blog, but I did today, and I think that Beth says perfectly what I’m feeling now.

I know no one in Haiti, but I have been heart-broken over their plight these past two days. I know that God is at work in the midst of all of this, but I still can’t help but feel helpless.

I’ve seen lots of posts on Facebook today about where to go and pledge to give help, and I’m going to pledge somewhere yet to be determined, but I still feel helpless and powerless. That is until I read Beth’s post from Wednesday: Cries For Mercy.

While I have been praying – and still feeling helpless – I have been stupidly expecting some sort of miraculous change overnight, despite knowing that it’s not going to happen. When I read Beth’s blog post today I was also hearing While I’m Waiting playing on the radio in the background. For the third time today. I figured that maybe God is trying to tell me something…three times means that Katie needs to stop and listen to what’s really going on.

After reading Beth’s post and pondering it with the song, I realized that I need to just pray more and without expectations. Rather than “feeling sorry for” the Haitians and the rest of the world that’s been affected, I need to petition God and praise God for the steps already being taken to bring healing to devastation.

So, while I wait to hear some good news, I continue to pray. One way I’m praying is by going to either or and looking at the pictures. As one flashes across the screen, I say a prayer specifically for that person and/or situation.

And I urge you to petition God, too. Knowing that your prayers are heard, and never ceasing to pray for our brothers and sisters worldwide who so desperately need us right now.

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