last chance workout

If you’re like me and love the Biggest Loser, then you know all about the “Last Chance Workouts.” They are nothing to sneeze about. As Bob says, “it’s my job to put an entire week of workouts into one workout.” Yikes! That just makes the body hurt thinking about it.

Last Chance Workouts

Actually, come to think of it, I would rather have just one majorly insane workout…I think…than the week of last chance workouts that we’re having right now. Wow, our trainers know how to kill us!


This is our last week of the bodyFit eXtreme challenge and it’s really hard to believe that 12 weeks have gone by so quickly. We’re all quite sad about the end of the program, but I guess like they do on the BL, we’ve become a big family unit who has supported and pushed each other when we didn’t think we’d make it through. Especially in this past month when we’ve all been beyond beaten down by the program.


In the past 12 weeks, here’s what I’ve experienced:

  • pants falling off in class around day 8 of the program
  • hunger, and an amazing new appreciation for the energy that comes from a carbohydrate
  • a new appreciation for protein – in liquid, powder or solid forms
  • shin splints like no other
  • brutal workouts
  • yelling trainers
  • frustration when fellow eXtreme participants cheat…and we all get punished for it
  • new friendships
  • encouragement from new friends, gym owners, church & work friends, and even the same trainers who yell at us
  • high energy & high intensity workouts
  • 2 new pairs of workout shoes…for a total of about $300 in new shoes
  • loose pants, tops & jackets
  • energy peaks & valleys
  • the ability to actually run a mile without stopping
  • a strange desire to go to the gym every night, if for nothing else than to see my friends
  • majorly expensive grocery bills
  • a new-found love of low sugar chocolate milkshakes!
  • physical exhaustion like I’ve never imagined
  • laughs…even while having our fannies kicked
  • the ability to burn 800+ calories in a single hour workout
  • lifestyle changes – I can eat healthy even with my crazy, busy lifestyle!

and most importantly…

  • a love of myself, my figure, and my physical health
  • a greater appreciation for my husband and his support of me in everything I work to accomplish and overcome (even if it does mean he signs up for a 90 day eXtreme exercise program just to encourage me along!)


These past 12 weeks have been life-changing.
And hopefully I’ll survive the last week of “last chance workouts”…


I’ve been blessed and privileged to participate in this program that has helped me to find myself again, to find happiness with the way I look and feel…and has introduced me to so many great new friends. Words cannot express my gratitude toward Nancy, Jamie and the rest of the bodyFit instructors who have stepped up their own workouts and really pushed us all to achieve our full potentials.


It’s been hard, it’s still hard, but it’s also been fun!
And now I have to go out and buy some new clothes…literally NONE of my pants fit me…shucks! 🙂

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