kimbo stole my thunder

…actually, she probably said it much better than I could…

When you get a minute, please check out Kimbo’s blog about the bodyFIT eXtreme challenge and see what she has to say about our 30-day mark.  Everything she has said in this post is exactly what I think and feel. We truly are a family and we are truly grateful for all of the hard work that each of our mentors and leaders have invested in us.

So, I second her emotion with a


to Jamie, Nancy, Stephanie, Renee, Tamela, Aimee, Kara, Kelly and Suzanne…and my mentor Sam who has mentored me from afar. And to anyone else I’ve left out, thank you! You will probably never know…becasue words can’t adequately describe…just how grateful we are to each and every one of you.

And thank you to Kimbo for keeping us all  laughing, both in class and online! You’re great, and I’m so glad to be getting to know you!


On a more serious note…30 days means a weigh-in and photo shoot. Since we’ll be gone on Saturday, Mason and I will be having our shoot tonight at 5:30. We’ve noticed progress, but it’s now all up to the scales…yikes!
Wish us luck…


MYC '09

August 5, 2009
“Day 3”
Day -3 for the Todds


Litchfield - August 2009

August 15, 2009
Day 14
Day 6 for the Todds

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