my goals

We’ve just started Week 3 of the bodyFIT eXtreme challenge and I must say that I’m actually having fun…and I’m beyond excited about and impressed with the results I’ve seen so far!

I’m enjoying it so much that I actually find it hard to go attend a “normal” bodyFIT class now. Don’t get me wrong, they are still THE BEST workout in Columbia all of South Carolina, but there is something actually FUN about the eXtreme challenge classes. We all show up early to work out, we talk and share our stories of our day. We see each other every night, so when we leave for the night we can safely say to one another, “see you tomorrow” and know that we’ll see them tomorrow. Everyone laughs, the instructors call on us by name, and the other bodyFIT instructors walk around and encourage us in our form and for our efforts. It’s a great environment…it’s exactly what I needed to kick myself back into shape…and I’m beyond blessed that God presented me this opportunity and that Nancy, Jamie & the rest of the producers picked me for the experience!

I’ve personally seen some changes, but you never really know if others do or not…and sometimes it’s not exactly polite to come up to someone and say that they’ve lost weight, unless you know for certain that they’re doing something to try and lose weight. It’s almost like saying, “you look good now…but you were fat before.” Ya know??

On Sunday, my first Sunday at church since starting the challenge, I got quite a few compliments from people and it made me smile. Then, last night, Matthew told me that I look really good – totally unprovoked and unpaid, too! Mason and I both had an instructor tell us that she’s totally impressed with us and our progress – especially with the strength we’ve gained in such a short period of time. It’s very flattering to have others notice your changes and hard work, becasue believe me…this may be happening quickly because it’s a complete lifestyle overhaul, but there ain’t NOTHING easy about it…it’s hard stuff, man! Especially when I’m always craving sweets…cheesecake, chocolate, cupcakes…

Well, since I’m starting to notice some changes, and since I’m already down a few (6!) pounds on the scale, I guess its’ time to really be focusing on my goals. I’ve had a few personal goals for getting back into shape, but they always just kept being pushed back due to my lazy butt not doing anything toward making them happen. Now that things are happening, I wanted to share my goals with the world to help me work toward reaching them.


Short Term:

VS suit

in time for

shipyep, that’s Labor Day weekend…



Not-as-Short Term:

  …an original, made just for me, dress from…


…in time for the Lynn/Smith wedding in November…



…for Christmas…



Long(er) Term:

…with the hubby…


cp spaanson


Long(est) Term:

…to look this good when my time comes…




So there you have it. My goals. And if this program stays true to what it says, I just might make each one of my goals…sooner rather than later…well, with the exception of the last one. 🙂  


Have to wait a bit more on that one…

2 thoughts on “my goals

  1. I’m so proud of you! 6 pounds is AWESOME and I’m sure if I saw you I would be able to say you look great too. And NOT because you were fat before. So this means we need to see you two! 🙂 Ohh and love your goals…I’m jealous. (except of the last one-that one can wait for me too.)


  2. thanks for the encouragement. hopefully we’ll be able to see y’all again sometime soon…the challenge has us pretty busy, though. how is school going? and how is anna adjusting?


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