oh, the difference a week makes

We’re now on day 8 of the bodyFIT eXtreme challenge. Most of our “mates” are on day 15, but since we started a week late, we’re now on Day 8.



This past weekend we went to North Litchfield for a Todd family “reunion” of sorts, and we were a wee bit anxious about missing our eXtreme challenge class on Friday and having to go bright and early on Monday morning, thus taking essentially three full days off. We were planning to do some serious beach-walking, but, and not trying to be rude, walking on the beach doesn’t even come close to cutting it for this program. So, in order to not toally have our butts kicked on Monday morning in class – which we actually slept straight through, crap! – we found a gym in Pawleys Island and went to a class on Saturday morning. We forked over the $30.00 for the one class…yep, we’re either that dedicated or completely scared crapless that we’ll be crying for mercy back at our normal gym…we’ll let you decide. Anyway, we took this class and then did some serious stretching afterward so that we could actually walk down the beach and not waddle, and then we hit the grocery store for our own food. We love our family, but we’ve also been told that Jamie can tell what you’ve eaten when he’s working you out, so we didn’t want to totally tempt fate our first week into the program. We dropped a small fortune on only two days’ worth of food, then headed home. We lasted long enough to eat some eggs, then dropped like flies. I think we were out for a two hour nap – our three year old nephew actually had to wake us up! It was quite rough sticking to the diet while smelling fried hushpuppies and freshly fried scallops and shrimp (for Mason), but we did our darndest. We snuck a few bites of the fried stuff and actually felt disgusting afterward…I mean, to the point that we had to go walk on the beach again at 11:00 at night just to make ourselves feel better. It’s amazing how quickly Jamie’s meal plans affects our systems…

On Sunday morning we woke up, ate some cereal, strapped on the tennies and then set out for Pawleys, a water bottle in hand. We took a fast walk down to Pawleys, hung out for a while, then alternated between fast and saunter on the way back to North Litchfield – mostly because of the people. Good Lord, it was like the flood gates opened up and people all ran from their condos screaming “BEACH!!!” All in all, it was a good weekend. We did our best to stick to the plan and even managed to avoid the alcohol, which is almost a staple at Herring-Todd family events! Go us! Go us! Go us! (Yes, I’= am doing a cabbage-patch style celebration dance right now…)


And the torture was all worth it this morning!


When we found out that we had to be videoed for the start of this thing we were told we needed to wear tight-fitting workout clothes with no visible logos. Right, where am I going to find that on a budget. I went to Target and broke down and bought a pair of tight-fitting yoga pants to go with the one no-logo Danskin shirt I have at home. I wore this to the assessment day and wanted to walk around carrying a big notebook to hide my arse from everyone and any possible camera lens. I mostly bought those pants to be my “I have to workout, but don’t feel like shaving today and I’ll die if I have to wear long pants” workout pants…you know the ones. Everyone has a pair. I wore them on day one and have not worn them again until today…a shaveless day since I was going to the gym at 6:00 am. (This butt ain’t getting up that early just to shave before I workout, I can promise you that!)

We got to the gym, picked out our spaces and started our pre-class stretch. You know the ones…you want to look serious, but don’t really want to exert any effort until you’re forced to do so by the instructor or trainer. Yeah, those stretches. So we did our stretches and then we’re all – the whole class – just standing there waiting. One or two people are doing their ab workout early since they will skip out of class early, but the rest of us are just standing there. (Our instructor overslept so we were going to be starting the class later than 6:00 AM.)

Well, I decided to take advantage of the time we had to wait, so I was using the four walls of mirrors to my advantage. (While at the beach I’d mentioned to Mason that I thought my butt looked smaller, and he said he thought so too, but not too big of a change.) So I’m turning and “posing” at different angles in the mirror and I’m like, “Mason! It is smaller. Look at how ‘good’ I look in this outfit. It’s starting to look shaped, and my stomach has shrunk too!” He’s like, “yep, babe, you do look good.” While he’s really thinking, “What in the H@LL am I doing here this early in the morning?!?”

While we’re standing there – and I’m modeling my “new body” – we are told that our instructor won’t be there until closer to 6:30, so they decided to pull in Jamie from his personal training sessions and have him teach the class and his trainees take the class. (That’s a whole other post in itself!) I start getting very excited – remember, Jamie teaches fun classes – and the regular “cardio babes” start groaning.

Yes! Perfect morning. Thank you LORD! I really was worried about going 5 full days without taking a class from Jamie and then having to take one on Wednesday night…

The cardio babes are groaning and I’m jumping for joy – I hate! straight cardio with every ounce of passion my body contains – as Jamie announces that we’re doing to do a “different sort of class.” He starts with a warm-up and then moves straight into a running with weights song. We get about 25 seconds into the song and I’m like…wow, it’s breezy behind me. And I realize it. My pants are literally falling off my butt. I’m mooning my husband and anyone else who may look in my direction! I quickly put my weights down, yanked up my pants and tied them as tightly as I could…which I had already done earlier this morning when getting dressed. I start cracking up with Mason and I nearly can’t complete the song.


Thinking all is in the clear, I continued on with the class…


Until it happened AGAIN!


This is a good problem to have right?!


We’re only 8 days in and I’m already having my pants fall off of me…I can see that this adventure is going to be expensive – with the food and the new clothes every few weeks. Oh well.


Mason, we have to go shopping again soon! 😛

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