kids make me laugh

So this weekend we’ve gotten to spend time with some pretty cute kids…and one on the way. It’s been pretty fun to observe and think about the future with kids, but at the same time stop and think that I’m glad that I don’t just yet have kids. Not that I don’t want them…I’m just thankful for life where we are right now.

I’ve decided that kids make me laugh.

A lot.

First, there’s the one on the way. He’s growing pretty fast and making his mama pretty excited. And he apparently speaks through his daddy to those on the “outside” world. Mostly right now he’s just growing and kicking a good bit, but I’ve decided that if he’s anything like his dad, he’ll make me laugh all the time when we’re around him. Oh, and did I mention that he’s going to be one good looking kid? Yeah, can’t wait to meet Cashew in a few months.

Then there’s the one who is 18 months and doesn’t say any words yet because his 4 year old brother does all of the talking for him. He talks up a storm in sign language, but no words yet. I just love how laid back he is…he just waddles around with a big goofy grin. Just as happy as a clam. And he has the most precious curls. Love me some Sawyer!

Finn, Sawyer’s brother, has a knack for saying some pretty darn funny things at the drop of a hat. We got a text from his momma one day that said Finn got a bracelet and declared to me that “Momma I’m as hairy as Mr. Mason.” We’re all trying to figure this one out still, but we get a good chuckle out of it. He’s also the same kid who declared that “God lives in your heart and pulls on it. That’s where the thumping comes from.” How can you not chuckle at that? How can you not eat that up?

Sunday after church we got to see our nephew, which is always quite the treat. He’s almost three and Aidenhas quite the personality…and vocabulary. He has a Carolina Panther’s hat that he wears in about six different ways and he refuses to take it off. He also has a thing with feet and he likes his feet to be happy. Aiden looks at your feet and will quickly tell you if they are happy or not, based solely upon whether or not you are wearing shoes or socks. It’s just adorable to hear him exclaim that “Aiden have happy feet.” We also get a good chuckle from the fact that he has no idea that Mason’s name is actually Mason. We’re all convinced that Mason will forever be “Uncle Fuzz” or “Uncle Fuzzy” to Aiden. The kid’s going to be like 30 before he realizes that Fuzzy is not Mason’s name. It’s funny, but it’s precious to hear Aiden yell “Un Fu” and run with arms up in the air toward Mason. And I’m Aunt Tate or Aunt Tatie, depending upon the day. Could just eat the little guy up!

We ate dinner with our pals H&P tonight and their precious daughter Anna. She’s a stunning 16 month old beauty. Contrary to Patrick’s desires…she’s gonna be a heart breaker. Anna is very verbose and has incredible vocabulary for a child her age. She’s also quite independent and determined. So we’re sitting at the table enjoying dinner tonight when Anna decides she’s done eating and that she’s ready to get down. She runs around the kitchen, opens all of the cabinets and takes out all of the bowls to start cooking. Then, just as quickly she’s sitting on your lap going through all of the sounds that animals make. (Did I mention that she has a very short attention span?) In the middle of going through all of the animals, Heather says, “Anna, what sound does a toaster make?” Immediately she yells, “ning!” Then Patrick tells us that they give her a frozen waffle for breakfast in the morning, so when she climbs in her chair to eat she says, “ning! ning! ning!” every morning. So there we are in the middle of the animals… and “ning!” It was truly precious.

I love my friends’ kids, and I can’t wait for the day I have my own. Kids make me laugh. And they amaze me.

But for the time being, I’ll just enjoy borrowing them and playing with them.

One thought on “kids make me laugh

  1. We had a GREAT time hanging out with you last night. Anna sure had a blast! And you’re welcome to borrow her whenever you like. For now, I’m glad you have time to do all those wonderful couple things you and Mason can do. Enjoy it while it lasts…and when little Todd children come, we’ll be right there to celebrate with you. Thanks for being such wonderful friends!


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