family name game

A local radio station favorite of ours, 89.7 WMHK, does a daily contest called the Family Name Game where they will call out a name on the air and if you or someone in your family has that name, you call in and brag about them and win free stuff. Pretty sweet contest, I say.

This morning as I was getting ready to pack up and walk out the door I heard the announcement that the FNG name for then was Mason. So, I dropped everything and sprinted to the phone. Yes, sprinted. You can hear it in my voice while I’m on the radio. I dove for the phone, ran into the living room away from the radio and waited until someone answered…just hoping that I could get the chance to let the world know just how special my husband is! As if you didn’t already know!

Steve Sunshine (yep, that’s his name) answered the phone and I all but yelled, “I have a Mason!” and the next thing you know, he’s asking me to tell him all about my husband and we won for the day! I could have really cared less about the prizes…they are after all just the icing on the cake…I just wanted to brag about Mason! And I got the opportunity.

If you’d like to hear the radio clip, click here.

And we’ll be enjoying our Family 4-pack of tickets to the Carolina Children’s Home Annual BBQ Cookoff while we listen to the new Steven Curtis Chapman cd. And since we don’t have a family of 4 yet, the parents get to go with.

While I have your attention, I thought I’d take a shameless moment to make a plug for both WMHK and CCH. If you don’t already have a radio station home and you want a chance to praise and worship the Lord 24 hours a day, give 89.7 FM a whirl on the radio dial. And if you like BBQ or even if you don’t go out to the State Fair Grounds tonight & tomorrow for some finger-licking-good fundraising. (All non-pig eaters can still support on Friday night with some non-pig dishes.) All procedes go to support the Carolina Children’s Home in Columbia.

There, I’m done. Thanks for indulging me for a few minutes. And way to go, Mason! Thanks for giving me something to brag about.

I love you!

5 thoughts on “family name game

  1. awww, i love the FNG. i wish i had been listening then! you guys are great & i know how much you appreciate each other. loveeee you both! thanks for being amazing leaders!


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