a grateful heart

Wow…had it really been more than a month since I last posted my five simple abundances??

It’s amazing how quickly you can become a pessimist if you don’t stop and concentrate on your blessings each day. Despite it being my “spring break” from classes and I’ve been carefree and have enjoyed life, that’s just what happened to me…I became Miss Pessimistic.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to try my hardest to keep a grateful heart and keep focusing on the many blessings in my life. So, here’s a celebration of some blessings for “Miss Optimistic”

1. A New Semester. Call me a nerd, dork or whatever but I just love a new semester. I’ll be totally glad when I graduate and don’t have to worry about semesters, but since I’m still in school I love the freshness that comes from a new semester. We start our summer classes on Friday night and we’ll be taking 3 classes on campus on Friday nights and Saturday for the next 13 weeks, but I’m really excited. The books arrived yesterday and I’m finishing up my internship, so all is well. I’m like a little schoolgirl again!

2. Beautiful spring weather. I love the spring…and I especially love that I can be out in it this year thanks to finally discovering Singulair. Last night we took a walk around the neighborhood and enjoyed the slightly cool crisp air. The flowers are starting to bloom in the yard and it looks like this year the magnolia tree is going to be absolutely covered in flowers! Our office party was accompanied by great weather the other night, too. Mason and I sit outside at lunch, and it makes for the perfect walk to the State House to meet Mama for lunch. Welcome Spring, please stay a bit longer.

3. Chocolate. Need I really say more? I didn’t think that I neededto, but I am. Last night we had a dinner meeting at a new tapas restaurant in the Northeast, Mint Julep. The portion sizes were absolutely perfect for me, the prices are incredible, and to make the meal even better…99% of the dessert menu is chocolate. There is only one non-chocolate item on the menu and it happens to be a favorite, too. Chocolate moose,  banana & chocolate ganache cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries and apple pie ala mode. Yummy!

4. Grown up decisions. Mason and I are making some changes and doing research about some “grown up” decisions that need to be made sometime soon. While I was anxious at first, I’m actually kind of excited. I won’t share any more until we know more, but let’s just say that we don’t have a home phone anymore…that’s one of them. (I know, I know. I’m horrible! Teeheehee…) More than being excited about the decisions themselves, I’m thankful and so abundantly blessed to have the resources necessary to even be considering them and the people to steer me/us in the right direction. Now I just pray that God will help us to make the wise decisions when the times for them come.

5. ATL Cardigans. I’m going to second JCG’s post a while back about these and say that they’re fabulous. They go with anything, they’re amazingly comfortable and light, they look great buttoned up or unbuttoned…or partially buttoned, too. They are the perfect length, they wash and dry and don’t shrink. What more can a girl say…except that I have most of the colors and just bought two more on Sunday for $14.00 each. Maybe should have bought the rest of the colors at that price, huh??

6. Friends with wine. On the way to dinner last night we stopped into our friends’ wine store Vino 100 and just said, “I want a good red wine for under $20.00.” Kevin, owner, was working and he asked what kind. In all of one statement and two questions we had ourselves a delicious bottle of wine to enjoy at dinner…and one to take home, too. If you’re looking for a yummy Shiraz, or any other bottle of wine for less than $25.00, I suggest you visit Kevin at Vino 100 and ask him to point you in the direction of the Layer Cake Shiraz. (And remember, in this economy it’s much cheaper to buy a bottle of wine and take it to the restaurant with you than to buy it there. Just ask the Blindfolded Consumer.)

7. A great candid picture!Thanks to our office manager/photographer Yulia, for sharing.


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