you have my permission to beat me up

I thought I’d piggy back on Emily’s post about a lack of motivation and echo my identical sentiments: I HAVE NO MOTIVATION TO WORK OUT right now!

I know, I know…the lack of energy to work out comes from the fact that I haven’t been to  a class in say, oh, three weeks. I also know that there is no way that I’m going to get that energy short of actually getting my fanny out of bed and going to workout in the mornings. There is no way I’m getting any exercise in the afternoons with our meeting/event-every-night-of-the-week schedule right now, so the mornings have  it. And to date, my bed’s been the only place getting any quality Katie time.

So starting today my blog-reader friends, you have my permission to beat me up and check on me and harass me – whatever it takes – to make sure my fanny is in the gym! Oh, and ask me about the meals, too.

I’ve even included a schedule of my proposed classes for the week, giving myself two options for Friday:


Thank you for holding me accountable…and accept no excuses!

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