EE’s here!


So my five blessings from yesterday all have to do with my bestest gal pal, Erin. She’s in town for a visit, so I thought I’d dedicate this post to her.

1. She’s an early riser! I’m still amazed that I have a friend that would come visit me as often as she can, even going to the lengths that she did for this trip. She woke up at 4:00 AM EST to drive to Chicago to catch a 6:00 AM CST flight to Charlotte…to come visit me! How freaking awesome is she?!?

2. She’s got a fab new man! Lots of the reason for this trip revolve around her fabulous new man, Jesse. She dragged him along so that we could meet him since they’ve started getting serious, and also so that she could spoil him for his last spring break of college before he starts full-time at Deere in June. He’s essentially a professional student and he’s got a job lined up as an engineer at John Deere post-graduation, so she decided to bring him southeastward to let him live a bit of the good life southern life before the real world hits.

3. She reminds me of Santa Claus… in that every trip she makes she comes bearing gifts for at lest one member of my family. And she always returns home with some southern goodies to share with her friend back in Iowa and Wisconsin. This go-round, she brought Mason a sweet JD golf towel and she also brought little Finn a precious JD t-shirt. Her gift to me, you ask? Her presence! And the occasional bottle of Wisconsin wine…

4. Talkie, talkie, talkie. Yep, that about sums up our time together. We have one of those relationships where you can go for months – and we literally have sometimes – without speaking on the phone but when you get together it’s like you last spoke yesterday. We spent most of the night last night talking, laughing a lot and catching up. You name it, we talked about it. It’s so great to have her in person…and to give my vocal muscles a good workout. 🙂

5. She’s a southerner at heart. This girl screams southerner, despite her Iowa address. She is the perfect hostess and an even better house guest. Heck, on her last visit she surprised me and since I didn’t know she was coming, my house was a wreck. So, while I was at work she and my mom cleaned my house for me. She then went shopping and stocked the fridge with lots of homemade yummy goodness. Besides all of that, she loves southern food and locales. Every visit include at least a day trip down to Charleston and a meal at Hyman’s. She arrived this time with her GPS already programmed with some of her Columbia favorite stops: DiPrato’s, Andy’s, Adluh Flour, HandPicked, the State House, USC’s campus, Bojangles’, etc. And, she always heads home with some grits and pimento cheese.

Oh, and she’s a Gamecock, too!

I love you, Erin, and I’m so glad to have you come visit me again!!

One thought on “EE’s here!

  1. HI ERIN!! Glad you’re back in town for a visit. I hope you two (or four) have lots of fun catching up. Safe travels too!


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