sit & listen

This past weekend was great, busy, but great. I’m still thinking – probably along with half of the United States – that I haven’t recovered from my loss of hour in our spring forward. And let me just tell you that it’s NOT cool to have to leave for classes on Saturday mornings and have it still be pitch black dark outside. Not cool!

Anyway, here’s a taste of what our weekend had in store for us.

1. Dinner with Brandon &  Jordan at Cock N’ Bull. Nevermind that I told them to arrive at 6:30 but told my husband that we were to arrive at 6:00. We sat and drank a few beers – yep, I had a “beer” – to drown our sorrows over USC’s loss to Mississippi State in the SEC Tournament. When B & J finally arrived we had a yummy meal and a great time catching up with frineds we haven’t seen in quite a while. We won’t discuss what Mason attempted to do later on that evening…

2. Family pictures. Saturday afternoon when we got home from class I drove over to Mama & Daddy’s house to borrow a movie. They were upstairs and Mama was flipping through the old photo albums. We laughed at what I considered to be “fashion” when I was younger, and we discussed the pluses/minuses of digital cameras v. film cameras. It was stort of strange flipping through a photo album…I don’t even have one of those in my house!

3. Sermonizing. I was the guest preacher at Westminster Presbyterain yesterday for their annual Women’s Day. It’s a long story as to how I ended up being there, so we’ll just say that the PC(USA) world keeps getting smaller.  My sermon was on Mary & Martha from Luke 10:38-42, called “Sit and Listen” and I felt really good about it! Since I was acting as pulpit supply (meaning the Pastor is gone), they asked me to preach for both the 8:15 and the 10:30 services, so I got lots of good practice for preaching at two services and fitting Sunday School in between. Man, it takes a LOT of work  and energy to be “on” that whole time. The congregation was incredibly welcoming and the majority of them invited me back…even hinted that they wanted to have me hired there! It was a great morning overall, and I think that the call to sit at the Rabbi’s feet, listen and learn – especially during Lent – was fairly well received. Note: I’ll post a link to the sermon when I get the electronic copy...if you’re interested.

4. Naps! Just going to let everyone know that a nap is a wonderful thing. I think that we Americans need to strongly consider incorporating the siesta into our daily routine. I’m up for lobbying in favor of it…

5. Dinner & a movie with Brooke & Jonathan. Mason and I were talking last night about how blessed we are to have friends in the same situation as us that live right down the road from us. Brooke & Jonathan are our newest blessing from God. We’ve gotten to know them over the past month and have truly enjoyed their company and friendship. Last night Mason and I decided to go to a movie so we invited our new friends along with us and they invited us over for supper before the movie. We had a great time laughing, pondering, discussing and eating. They crack us up because they remind us so much of ourselves. Jonathan is in school for his PhD and Brooke works across the street from me at USC. They don’t have kids yet but have very active lifestyles, too. They understand the financial and social strains that come from being in graduate school while working full time as well, so it’s so nice that God has placed such wonderful new friends in our lives – who completely understand and “get” where we are in life. We thank you and praise you Lord, for our new friends!

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