musical trivia

Decided to play a bit of musical trivia. Go this from my cousin…here goes.

Step 1:  Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2:  Post the first line or two (unless the first line reveals the song title) from the first 25 songs that play.
Step 3:  Strike through the songs when someone gets it right.

  1. “So scream you, out from behind the bitter ache/ Heavy on the memory, you need most”
  2. “Hey where did we go/ Days when the rains came”
  3. “Well, the bigger the city, well, the brighter the lights, the bigger the dog, well, the harder the bite”
  4. “I hear more than I’d like to/ So I boil my head in a sense of humor”
  5. “Lord of all creation, of water earth and sky/ The heavens are your tabernacle, glory to the Lord on high”
  6. “…/ Happy just to be in lust/ Never have to eat no dust/ Everybody talk about”
  7. “…you stepped down into darkness/ Opened my eyes, let me see”
  8. “It’s been…since you looked at me/ Cocked your head to the side and said I’m angry”
  9. “I’d give myself to find you/ Stumble and fall to see you”
  10. “When you wish upon a star/ Dreams will take you very far”
  11. “The dust has finally settled on the field of human clay/ Just enough light has shown through to tell light from the day”
  12. “Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise/ Run in the shadow…”
  13. “Tonight it’s very clear/ As we’re both lying here/ They’re so many things I wanna say”
  14. “Giver of creation/ Bringer of Salvation/ Word of  God, eternal life/ Praise the Son of God”
  15. “We’ve got the right to choose and/ There ain’t no way we’ll lose it”
  16. “Yesterday is a wrinkle on your forehead/ Yesterday is a promise that you’ve broken”
  17. “Take all of your wasted honor/ Every little past frustration”
  18. “Lookin out on the morning rain/ I used to feel so uninspired”
  19. “The song came and went/ Like the times that we spent”
  20. “Mama told me when I was young/ Come sit beside me my only son”
  21. “Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans/ Boots with the fur”
  22. “Tell me now when does this start feeling/ Like I’m understand everything I’m dealing with”
  23. “I found God on the corner of 1st and Amistad/ Where the West was all but won”
  24. “He didnt have to wake up/ He’d been up all nite/ Lay’n there in bed listen’n/ To his new born baby cry”
  25. “When I was young I knew everything/ She a punk who rarely took advice”

Have fun! 🙂

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