spring fever

Stopped by to pick up lunch  on the way into the office today and was told that I should just call in for the rest of the day and say, “I have a fever…spring fever.” I giggled and really considered it for about 1/2 a second, then remembered that I’ve had a fantastic past few days and need to update everyone about where I feel more than abundantly blessed.

Here goes:

Gamecock Athletics! The Gamecocks won basketball on Saturday after having lost on Thursday to Tennessee. (That hurt to watch, to be honest.) Tennessee lost on Sunday and the Gamecocks are back in the #1 spot in the SEC East (tied with Tennessee) heading into the tournament this weekend. We also got to enjoy three great days of Gamecock baseball in the new Carolina Stadium. Got a wee bit of  sun during yesterday’s game, too.

Fantastic class on Saturday. We had a fantastic class on Saturday. Each week in this class we ready a new theologian and then pair them with a Christian Educator the next week. The past two weeks have been Womanist theology, and to be honest I was anxious about it before we started due to my past – but very limited – experiences with Womanist theology. We read theologian Katie Cannon and paired her with Lynne Westfield – a fabulous combination. On Saturday we watched The Secret Life of Bees as part of our lesson designed in Westfield’s CE model. Pamela brought cooked breakfast for all of us and we had a fabulous discussion about how our lives existed in each of the characters. We truly had a “concealed gathering” type of class and it was cathartic. I’m secretly jealous now that I can’t be a Womanist! 🙂

Happy feet. I stopped by my favorite store on Saturday after class and exchanged old pants for a $15.00 discount on new pants as part of a promotion for a work recovery program with Goodwill. Fabulous idea, I must say! On the ride home from Charlotte while I was talking with Mason about my new purchases and the fun bright spring colors,  I slipped off my shoes and propped them up on the dashboard and realized that I really needed a pedicure since it was shorts/skirts/peep-toed shoes weather. I went to Amy Nails when I got home and got a pedicure. My feet are happy, pretty, and feel oh, so great now.  And yes, the polish matches my purse. I love spring/summertime simply for the pedicures!

Children’s gifts. Serving as the Interim Children’s Ministry Director has been quite the challenge to me professionally. I love kids, and I must say that they tend to like me too, but it’s completely different serving in this capacity in a congregation. I’ve worked to slowly integrate changes into the program and the mentality of the congregation. Yesterday we  all witnessed  one of my ideas-in-practice and I busted with pride at these precious children. We had the children from Kid’s Kirk bring their offering into the service when the ushers brought the “adult” offering forward. They all marched in carrying their own offering plate and then proceeded to dump their offering jar into the plate on the communion table. Later, at our congregational lunch, one of the kids told me proudly, “that is my Kid’s Kirk offering.” I praise God that NKP is a congregation that is open to celebrating the role of the child in worship and in the life of the Body of Christ. (Side note: As I type this I’m hearing the chorus of Glory in the Highest by Chris Tomlin play and it makes me want to stop and praise God for this congregation, these children, and the love that is being shared in and throughout these church members. I praise you and thank you Lord for letting me work in such an incredible church of yours!)

Breaking ground. New Kirk Presbyterian will begin construction on the church building by the end of this month. Praise the Lord!! In celebration and in anticipation we had a groundbreaking ceremony after worship yesterday at our property on Langford Road in Blythewood. The Mayor of Blythewood stopped by to share a few words and his prayers for our church growth, and the kiddos in the church led the dirt turning ceremony, each with their own shovel – sand shovels to small spades to full blown shovels. It was a joyous event and truly a moment of praise and thanksgiving to our Almighty God for the growth of this congregation – a place where we pray that God’s glory will be felt and shared in the community and the world.

New Kirk Youth. They are truly a delight to my heart. I never in my life thought that God would put me in youth ministry. I was completely content with being the wife of a youth pastor, not realizing that I’d be one myself right alongside him. We only meet with the youth every two weeks for NKPY since we don’t have a building and parents have to host and feed us, but when we gather it’s amazing to see what God is doing in their lives individually and as a group. We always sing with them make them sing at each meeting and it’s funny to see some sing and some sit there with typical teenage blank stares. Last night we had a smaller but powerful group gathered. We sang How Great is our God and I was blown away by the presence fo the Spirit in that gathering of teenagers and young adult leaders. I was moved almost to tears at this powerful moment last night, but held myself back as it’s not cool to cry in front of a bunch of teenagers, is it?! My heart bursts with love and pride for each one of these youth. I’m truly blessed that beyond my desires or dreams, God has called me to serve alongside my husband in this ministry.

Mason. Poor guy is at home laying on the couch with a sickly feeling tummy today. He’s so cute (and sweetly pathetic) when he doesn’t feel good that strangely it makes me just want to be home with him and care for him. My wonderful man, despite not feeling well, got up this morning and took the trash out so that I wouldn’t have to. What a swell guy… I’m quite lucky…

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