I’m sorry, but I just have to do this. I promise that I won’t get on a soapbox very often, but I just have to on this one. Before I start, let me let you know – just in case you didn’t – that I’m a Christian, I’m a seminary student, and I’m currently doing my supervised ministry internship in a local congregation….I’d say that I’m pretty Christian. That all being said, here goes.

I was reading a blog last night and it just got me all riled up. What was the blog, you ask? It was about a family who is getting ready to put their child through surgery. The author is the wife of a pastor, and a very conservative one at that. I’ve been reading the blog to keep up with them since we know each other from college, so it’s not like I’m stalking them or anything.

Anyway, they’ve been contemplating the minor surgery for a while now and didn’t like the first opinion they got, so like most smart people who don’t like their first opinion, they went and got a second opinion. The blog posting that got me bothered started out like this, “we’re going ahead with the surgery after our second opinion because we met a fabulous (Christian) surgeon that we like.”

Okay, you wonder why I’m bothered over this? I’m bothered because it seems like Christian  people (and this is a HUGE generalization, I know) only tend to like or consider to be fabulous people who are also Christian. It really bothers me, and yes…I’m a Christian! Why in the world to people think that just because someone else is a Christian that they are perfect, or great, or fabulous, or what not?!? Is it because they are Christian? Is it because they have a belief in God? What is it?

My mom just recently went through several surgeries for her radical mastectomy and reconstruction. She had two different surgeons, one was Christian and the other was Jewish…very Jewish! He was beyond fabulous. I was so unbelievably blown away by the fabulous-ness of this man. I can’t even find the words to describe him, he was that great! Was he a Christian? Nope. Did that change his ability to be an excellent surgeon? Nope. Did that change the way my mom or the rest of my family felt about having him as her doctor? Nope.

When I had my surgery to have my thyroid removed I had a doctor that was not Christian. He wasn’t even from the United States, either. After my first meeting with him I was willing to let that man do whatever he wanted to where my thyroid was concerned. I totally trusted him, and he was beyond fabulous, too! I am completely convinced that God had provided him to do be my surgeon. Did his lack of belief in Jesus Christ change his ability to be an excellent surgeon? Nope. Did his faith change the way that I felt about him being my surgeon? Nope. Did his faith change his medical talents? Nope.

Why do people think that just because someone is Christian that automatically makes them so fabulous?? I don’t get it. Can someone please explain that to me? Is it great to have someone as your medical adviser and surgeon that you can relate with spiritually and that you know believes in the same God and Messiah that you do? Yes, that would be nice, but it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t happen. And it’s also not the way the world works. We are called to live in the world as it is, not to live in a segregated Christian world. We are called to live with brothers and sisters of different nationalities, different races, and different faiths. We are not called to live in a world where we only turn to Christians to be our friends, family, health care providers, educators, etc.

We have relatives that are not Christian – they are Jewish. They are very Jewish. One is a Cantor, one is in Rabbinical school and all of them pretty much keep Kosher. Does that make them any less fabulous than the rest of the family? Nope. Does that make them any more odd and strange than the rest of the family? Nope. Do we love them any less? Nope! We love them just the same as the rest of the family. We may not agree on our Messiahs, but we love each other and we are accepting and understanding of each others’ beliefs. We worship with each other on occasion, too. As our Nana says, “were one big happy religious family. We all believe in God.”

I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but it does. I just can’t understand using someone’s beliefs as an automatic qualifier for their degree of  “fabulous-ness”. We all tend to gravitate toward those whom we feel understand us best, and I completely understand that,  but saying that one person is more fabulous or more qualified just because they are Christian really makes no sense to me. And it irks me, too. I know plenty of people who are way more fabulous than some of their Christian peers…some of them are listed above.

4 thoughts on “soapbox…sorry

  1. Maybe I’m unwise in the ways of the world or just a bad Christian, but how in the world did it even come up? The first thing I do when I meet a new physician (or anyone, really) is not find out their religious affiliation. Of course, I don’t wear my religion on my sleeve either.

    As a completely unrelated side note that I’ve been meaning to blog… there is a Jewish rabbi who works out at my gym and it totally cracks me up to see this otherwise dignified, highly revered man with a long beard in a Dodgers cap, sweating and grunting alongside me.


  2. I have NO idea how it even came up in the consultation, but apparently it did and that seems to be how they made their decision. I agree, I don’t look at religious affiliation as a qualifier for how they could perform my surgery or clean my house or wash my car…it’s just retarded that people do that and it frustrates me beyond belief. It’s people like this that give all of us Christians a bad rap in the world at large. Attitudes like that make everyone see Christians as closed minded and essentially very shallow. Grr…

    And I want to see that post! 🙂


    1. i figured someone would figure it out. they’re great people, but that sorta tipped me over the ledge, so to speak.


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