calm after the storm

It’s been a crazy past few weeks  in the life of Katie (& Mason, too), but we’ve managed to survive…and we’ve even got some great memories and wonderful blessings to be thankful for out of the storm.

Friday the 13th was a great day. We finished work and headed over the the Harvest Hope Food Bank’s Empty Bowls fundraiser event. We were given two tickets by a member of the congregation (a $90.oo value) and so we had made up our minds to bid on at least one thing at the auction so to help Harvest Hope. It was at the Convention Center and it was a great night. We’ve never been to a live auction before, so it was fun to see how they work. Keeping the checkbook close to his chest, Mason only bid on one item in the live auction, but we were very quickly outbid – which was fine with us. We figured that if we could jump start the bidding it would cause others to give lots of money to HHFB. And lots they did give! A pair of tickets to the Monday Masters Practice Round (practice round, folks!) without housing went for $1,150.00…and the auctioneer wasn’t going to throw in dinner and housing until the bidding hit $1,500.00! Hope those people have lots of fun. As for me, I’ll stick with my tickets to the Heritage. I didn’t walk away empty-handed, though, as Mason bought me a lovely “valentine’s” gift. I call it my “helping to end hunger necklace.” It’s made by a local Columbia artist – who was there and was wearing one of her own creations as well – and it’s absolutely fabulous! I just remind myself that we bought manypounds of food for HHFB through purchasing my beauty. Wanna see? The picture doesn’t do it justice…



Following the Empty Bowls event we had to go to Krispy Kreme to see about getting some V-Day donuts to take to class for our mini V-Day party the next morning. As we drove past Zaxby’s and got closer I let out a very excited yelp and Mason just groaned. The Hot Now sign was on and what that means in Katie’s world is that you MUST go inside and get a dozen of the freshly made yummy pieces of heaven. So, that’s just what we did. On the way home I called the parents to offer a donut and to my shock, Daddy turned me down until I heard Mama yell “Oh, H*** Yes!” in the background meaning we would make a detour to their house and share in the yummy goodness together.

Following class on V-Day we went to lunch with two of our professors anda friend to discuss degree progression. We found out that we can in fact graduate in the same amount of time as originally planned but with both degrees – the only way that I was going to consider pursusing the 2nd degree. This made Pamela & Becky very happy as they have been pushing me from day one of seminary to pursue the 2nd degree. I’ve been anxious about it, but this new piece of information makes me feel better about my deep desire to graduate with two masters degrees. Why not?!?

Katie preached on Sunday at New Kirk, so there wasn’t much Valentine’s celebrating going on at our house. She preached on Deborah, and if you missed the sermon you can catch a recorded version online here. After the sermon, we experienced our first Presbytery meeting which was truly…er, enlightening…to say the least.

On Tuesday the 17th, Mason and Katie were examined by the Committee on Preparation for Ministry (COPM) in hopes of being approved to move onto the Candidacy phase of the journey toward ordained ministry. And, we were BOTH APPROVED!! We’ll go before Presbytery for further examination and final approval on May 29th & 30th at Presbyterian College. Here’s to crossing our fingers that we’ll be Candidates of Trinity Presbytery as of May 30th. As Nana says, “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise…”

Wednesday, Thursday and Monday were Katie’s first experiences at a Career Center employee working our career fairs. We had a new element of networking built into the fairs, so we were all a bit anxious, but we all survived and were not too much worse for the wear. We had a great time on Friday night taking the NKPY to WinterJam 2009 at the Colonial Center. The building was packed – standing room only – meaning that over 19,000 people gathered together to worship and praise the Lord through awesome up & coming music, some good comedy, hearing some testimonies, anda rocking good time with Brandon Heath, NewSong and toby mac. NKPY had 36 people in our group!

Saturday was a day made in Heaven especially for me & Mason. Not only was it our “spring break” meaning we didn’t have class, but it was also opening day for Carolina baseball’s 2009 season and opening day at Carolina Stadium, the new baseball stadium. And, if that wasn’t enough there was also a basketball game against Arkansas on Saturday night. We snuck in dinner at McDougalls between games for a discount thanks to and enjoyed yummy hushpuppies and wings. Carolina won both games – actually we swept Duquesne in baseball – and it was a fabulous, carefree day/weekend for the Todds.



This week we’ve been trying to play catch-up and fight off the flu that’s been going around USC’s campus. However, we did bite the bullet and gather with the rest of the crowd last night for the stomping of Kentucky at the Colonial Center. The Gamecocks are on fire and it’s been such an exciting season – I’m so thankful for the Flex Pack tickets…only the best idea ever!…and we look forward to buying season tickets next year!


 Go Gamecocks!



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