happy hump day

1. Carolina Catering’s chocolate brownies. Sometimes a gooey  chocolate frosted brownie just completely hits the spot. And I was good…I only ate one.

2. Chicken finger Wednesday. Everyone knows that Wednesday is the most popular day to eat on campus here at USC. It’s the famous “chicken finger Wednesday.” Students line up for what seems like miles to wait in line to get 4 quite large chicken fingers and a plate full of curly fries. I don’t normally partake in such events anymore as the metabolism has begun to slow drastically, but since I was in the Russell House yesterday for an event I convinced hubby to come on over and enjoy some chicken finger Wednesday with me. Oh, to be a full-time student again…

3. Martini night. On Wednesday nights Mama and I head to Moe’s Grapevine Italian on Rosewood for $2.00 martini nights and some yummy alfredo pasta. We always get two martinis each and split a meal and catch up on life. I really look forward to those Wednesday nights with Mama and last night was no exception. I had a great time relaxing and enjoying my Mama’s company. Love you, Mama.

4. Planning vacations. EEEE! I’m so excitedabout our upcoming plans for vacations. We have not really taken an extended vacation that’s just been the two of us since our honeymoon. So far it’s looking like 2009 will be our year of travel: the Heritage @ HHI, Disney, Montreat, a cruise, NYC (Katie & Mama), and wherever Matthew ends up going next year for school. The bags are almost packed, now I just have to get back into bathing suit shape.

5. College basketball. Despite the outcome of the game last night, I really enjoyed watching the Duke v. UNC game. I wish the Blue Devils could have pulled out a win, but nonetheless it was great to see some pretty exceptional basketball skills…and to know that my Gamecocks are getting better and playing a similar style game. Oh, college sports…so much fun. I’ll take college ball over pro ball any day!

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