starting the week off well

1. 6:00 AM Workout! Yes, I used to be a frequent of the 6:00 AM workout, but had fallen off the bandwagon when my semester went from wild & crazy to just plain insane last fall. I’ve had enough of trying to squeeze it all in but never had the motivation to get up that early most days of the week. Mason proposed the 6:00 AM workout for Monday and I decided why not…especially if you’re going with me!

2. Organizing the office & to-do list. I get a bit neurotic when I feel things need to be cleaned or organized, but I always feel better when done. Had a few minutes to clean the office a bit yesterday and felt soo much better when I sat down and could actually see large chunks of my desk. The to-do list keeps growing…ahh, career fair prep!

3. Experimenting for supper. Didn’t really know what I wanted to eat last night and Mason wasn’t much of a help, so we created. (As much as I would like to be a meal planner, I was for three weeks and then fell off of that bandwagon when the ski trip rolled around last month. Not sure when it comes back around my way again.) A meal rarely gets eaten in the Todd household that doesn’t include meat. Mason must have meat at each meal to survive – or at least he thinks he must. Got creative with a sans-meat supper, and he actually enjoyed it!  The meal: black beans, Rotel, corn, rice, crushed tortilla chips, fresh chunky salsa, queso and a dollop of Daisy (sour cream). Full tummies + yummy + no mess = happy Katie. (Although I did ask Mason about 4 times during supper if it was okay…given the no meat. It passed.)

4. Clean & organized house. Again, cleaning mode for Monday. Must have been something I ate**. Mason and I adopted the “divide and conquer” model of cleaning. I divvied it all up and we both conquered. I now have a decently organized house and it’s fairly clean, too. Will finish the rest tonight before the guests come for supper.

5. Prayer with my husband. Last night’s devotional was about prayer with my husband. Now that we’re praying for each other, we must now pray with each other. And it’s not your typical pray for the spouse while they are with you kind of prayer. Nope, this is we both pray together in the same prayer. It was kinda cool to do last night…it may be a keeper.


**Something’s telling me the cleaning may be my subconscious keeping me from writing the sermon for Sunday. I’m really anxious about this one for some reason so maybe the cleaning is just me subconsciously putting it off…hmmm.

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