1. York Peppermint Pattie from Trish. We’ve only really talked 3 times, but she remembered that I liked chocolate so she brought me a Valentine’s treat for our afternoon meeting.

2. Exercisin’.I’m so unbelievably out of shape, but I felt so accomplished and proud when I finished class. Body Split is a different animal, but I lifted my weights and ran I couldn’t run any more more during cardio. And I survived. Small victories…

3. Rush’s hamburgers for supper. Didn’t know what we wanted to eat, and since I’d really been wanting ground beef all week (that and KK donuts), we decided on Rush’ over McDonald’s. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Rush’s burger, and it was more yummy than I’d remembered. Maybe I”m over my “I don’t like hamburgers” phase now. Mason would be happy.

4. Relaxing evening. Rather than stressing over the amount of the book we had not read for class on Saturday morning, Mason and I decided to just relax, read a bit and not worry. We’d just participate as we could in class rather than staying up all night to finish reading. It was actually nice to not feel anxious about not having finished my homework.

5. Early to bed. Along the lines of #4, we decided that at 9:00 we were going to hop in bed and read our homework until we were tired. I think the last time we looked at the clock it said 9:40. Sweetness…especially with a 5:15 alarm the next morning.


1. Syllabus changes for the better. Grace is your professor saying that she wants to change the pace of our class…to slow it down a bit. She decided that we were going to review last week’s class a bit (perfecto since we missed it) and then start on this week’s class and finish it next week. Hallelujah! (Cue Handel’s Messiah.) I don’t have to read a new book and write a sermon this week , I just have to finish what I didn’t read for class on Saturday. God is Good! And so is Pamela!

2. Starting off the class watching Ellen’s clip. (See post below.) There is nothing like having  a professor that is laid back and fun enough to allow us to start class by watching Gladys tell us about her drinking habits. It ended up being a class where we needed the laughs with which we started the day.

3. Noe’s preaching. Our cohort was leading worship on Saturday between classes. We all split up the responsibilities and Noe preached for us. He did a fabulous job and we were all so proud to claim him as a member of our cohort. I’m so blessed that God has given me such a uniquely blended and doubly talented cohort.

4. Another USC basketball victory. The Gamecocks beat Georgia on Saturday night in front of a sold-out crowd. That makes us 6-3 in the SEC and ranked 2nd just behind Florida.

5. Dinner @ Tombo Grille with family & great music. After the game we went over to Tombo Grille – if you haven’t been, I highly recommend! – with my parents to enjoy a great meal and the lovely music of Billy Sloan. I had a great split bottle of Australian Shiraz-Cabernet to go with my steak, potatoes, salad and creme brule. It was like a date night with the hubby with the added bonus of family company, too.


1. Fantastic music from our praise band during worship. I love worshipping at New Kirk, and music is very important to me in worship, but the past few months have been a bit of a dry spell for us as we’ve searched for a new band leader. God has blessed us with Jonathan Gangi as our leader for the time being and worship for the past three weeks has been rocking and completely worshipful! I’ve totally enjoyed it…and the Spirit was really moving me yesterday. Praise the Lord for the blessing of a talented and faithful worship leader!

2. Table fellowship with the NKP YAs. The 2nd Sunday of each month is our Young Adult lunch Sunday. Some months we get 4, some months we get 16 – like we had yesterday. It’s such a blessing to laugh over a great meal with some wonderfully lovely friends. We had great stories about snakes, we met some new people, and we all just relished in each others company. The group is growing and we have great fun together…want to join us?

3. NKPY. We met again last night for the first time since prior to the ski trip. Had a great group of 26 youth – several of them being new. God is doing incredible things in this youth group, and Mason taught us a lesson from Moses’ story that we need to be open to the things that God’s doing in our individual lives and in the life of the youth group and church. They’re a pretty awesome group…with even awsomer leaders, if I do say so myself.

4. Devotions with Mason. Last night’s devotion was about prayer with and for each other. We were tasked with asking our spouses what are their top 3 prayer needs and committing to pray for them and their needs for the next 30 days straight, then we check back in with each other. 2 days down…

5. Early to bed. Nothing like getting a good night’s sleep, is there?

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