1. A light day of on-call. Much like Forest Gump said, you never know what you’re going to get during on-call counseling. Some days can be downright busy. Wednesday was a slow day, therefore allowing me to continue to work during the 3 hour time period with only a few interruptions. Ahh, quiet.

2. Cardio. A good cardio class can make all right in the world, especially when you’re too tired (er, lazy) to take a class involving weights.

3. Laughing instead of giving up. Had a moment in class last night when I wanted to give up and walk away because some of the instructor’s footwork was too fancy for my end-of-the-day 1/2-paced brain. Instead, I laughed it off as I recalled Scott’s sermon from Sunday when he declared that aerobics is not easy and that he’s been impressed by a woman’s ability to gracefully take class. Well, I wasn’t graceful during some parts of the class, but I was in there and I was not letting the man in the back show me up. Well, maybe on the weights part…

4. Relaxing shower. Discovered a new aromatherapy shower gel last night when I showered at the studio after class. Never been a believer in aromatherapy…until I discovered Relax: Eucalyptus Spearmint from Bath & Body Works. Surprisingly relaxing…

5. Jonathan’s incredible music talent! Mason and I went to hear Jonathan Gangi (new friend and guest musician at NKP) in his Doctoral Candidacy Recital last night. Jonathan is studying classical guitar in hopes of becoming a professor of classical guitar one day. He played 5 pieces from various composers, and it was fabulous! God has surely blessed him with a talent…and such an incredible, humble heart to go with it. Well done, Jonathan!

6. Gas fireplaces & a warm home on a cold night.Thank you, Lord, for all of the blessings in my life, least of which are the roof over my head and the warmth provided by our electricity and gas fireplaces, especially on very cold night.

7. Deposits into my emotional bank account. We’re working through a couples devotional book together each night and Tuesday night’s lesson was about our emotional bank accounts. The author suggests that its our job as partners to make deposits into each others accounts as frequently as possible so that on the times when we have to make large withdrawals (arguments, tragedies, etc.), our partner will have a full enough account that the hit won’t hurt quite as badly as if the account were low. Thank you, Mason, for the deposits – large or small.

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