monday & tuesday

1. Walking on a nice day. Missed the shuttle so had to walk to lunch…not too shabby of a walk, and the weather was fairly decent, too.

2. Mason fixing lunch. My wonderful husband fixes us lunches every morning while I get to take my sweet precious time in the shower. How do I repay him…sometimes a cold shower. Sorry honey!

3. Speaking of showers…a nice warm shower on a cold morning. Not much is better short of sleeping in and not having to wake up on that cold morning. My morning shower is my cup of coffee, so the warmer the better, I say.

4. Rockaways, in general. But especially on 30 cent shrimp Monday nights. A glass of wine, some Rockaway’s fries, some shrimp and a baked potato. In the words of Rachel Ray…yummo! Just don’t tell our nutritionist, as it’s not on the approved menu.

5. Intergenerational friends. Mason’s in a Wednesday night poker group that he’s been in for years. He’s the youngest in the group and he and Ryan help to bring the average age down to about 40. They get together and eat lots of yummy food, and occasionally invite the wives to join for special events. Monday night was a special event – Mason’s godfather’s birthday – so we all gathered at Rockaways to celebrate. Despite the age differences, they are very welcoming and lots of fun. Guaranteed laughs with that gang!

6. Not feeling totally overwhelmed at work despite what the calendar says. It was a busy day yesterday, but despite my completely booked calendar I did get some down time and I wasn’t totally overwhelmed like I thought I’d be. Nice.

7. A clean kitchen. Need I say more?

8. Biggest Loser. Yep, I admit. I watch on Tuesday nights while Mason’s at band practice and I’m cooking supper or cleaning, or both. It’s a good show people. Don’t knock it until you watch it…and get hooked.

9. Carolina basketball. Makes me happy. The guys played a great game last night despite what the final scoreboard said. Devon Downey is a machine, and I’m glad that he wears a Gamecock jersey. Go COCKS!

10. Aerosoles. They are a lifesaver when you miss the shuttle again and have to walk several blocks to lunch…in high heels. Thank you to the creator of Aerosoles. My feet did not retaliate against me for my absentmindedness in missing the shuttle again yesterday.

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