another fun (& busy) weekend


1. Lunch at Garden Bistro with the hottest date ever. You have to hit GB at the right time or you’ll be waiting in line a long time, but the food’s totally worth every minute waiting. I had my usual, Ant’s Delight and a salad and it was as good as the first time I remember tasting it.

2. Mason in his blue checked shirt. I bought him this shirt two days before we were married just because I love him in blue. It’s from Banana Republic and it’s one of the more study shirts he owns. (Heck, we’ve been married for 3.5 years now!) It’s a great pattern and he looks super cute in it with a pair of dark blue jeans. Really brings out his blue eyes…

3. Car convo on I-77. Doesn’t happen very often despite the amount of time we spend on I-77 burning up the asphalt between Columbia & Charlotte. I usually sleep. We had a great conversation…and sang along to some good tunes too.

4. RENT.  I could probably come up with 525,600 reasons why I love the show, but I’ll spare everyone. Instead, I’ll post more about it separately.

5. Seeing RENT for the first time with Mason. While I’ve seen the show about 8 times now and have forced Mason to watch the DVD with me, it’s not the same until you see it live. I so much enjoyed that Mason enjoyed the show even 1/2 as much as I do. And he even teared up a bit. See, it’s a GREAT show, babe!


1. Sleeping in!  Because we were not going to class on Saturday for a family event (see below) we got to sleep in on a Saturday past 5:15 AM. We didn’t wake up until 7:45 and it was absolutely glorious!

2. Cute outfit. Debated for a while on what to wear to family event and finally settled on a black dress and my tea length black and white coat. Picked out my red scarf to add a punch of color. Wore my new(er) black Nine West pumps and felt totally cute all day long. I even felt cute in the flats when I got tired of the pumps.

3. Margaret’s ordination. (Family event.) Margaret has been working for just about as long as we have on the road to ordination in the Episcopal church. She was ordained on Saturday morning as a Deacon. It was a very Episcopalian service – smells and bells all the way – and it was pretty cool to be a part of her ordination. Congrats, Margaret!

4. Giving a tour of USC. It’s no surprise that I love USC, and I love sharing USC with others just as much. When family was in town on Saturday for the ordination we took two of them on a tour of USC in hopes of showing one that she’d absolutely love being a student at USC!

5. Catching up with family. It was so great to see my three nephews on Saturday, to catch up with some of the VA cousins, and to see the aunts that we don’t get to see very often. We’re a motley crew when we get together, but we always end up enjoying each others company and always having a new story to share at the next family gathering…


1. Another great worship experience! We had a guest musician again this Sunday and the worship was rocking…the Spirit was really moving and shaking in this Presbyterian church. Oxy moron?

2. Souper Bowl. The youth collected money at the doors after worship as participants in the Souper Bowl of Caring. All collected money is going to Harvest Hope Food Bank. I’m proud to say that our youth participate in such a great event…and that it was started here in Columbia a few (20) years ago!

3. Lunch with Mama & Daddy. We treated them to lunch yesterday and spent lots of time just catching up. They’re pretty fun to be around, and I love hearing what they have to offer about life, USC sports, last-minute vacation ideas, family, real estate, food…whatever! Before we knew it, we’d been talking for an hour after the meal was done…so we parted ways for the rest of the afternoon.

4. Sunday Naps! Just another shout out to my favorite Sunday afternoon activity. Had a 2-hourer yesterday. Thank you Lord for time to rest and recuperate.

5. Spending time with R&J. Got a text inviting us over to help eat some Super Bowl goodies with our friends R & J yesterday. We enjoyed some great food, laughs, pictures from past gatherings, played with little-man Finn for a bit, and we watched and re-watched the good commercials thanks to DVR. And we actually enjoyed the game, too! Thanks guys for the invite. We had fun, and we’ll take a plate of brownies home any day…

One thought on “another fun (& busy) weekend

  1. We sure miss our friends Katie and Mason. I wish we could spend some time with them too. 😦

    PS We were actually at your door to invite you over for some super bowl dinner, but I think we might have interrupted your afternoon nap on Sunday! Yikes!


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