a lazy thursday

1. A fabulous lunch at Cali Dreaming with some guests at New Kirk. I don’t think I’ve clicked that well, that quickly with someone (much less both halves of the couple) in a very long time!

2. A sense of relief after a hard week working on very demanding assignments for ordination. Mason, time to relax and enjoy being done with that.

3. YOYO dinner. Well, that’s what we almost had. We ended up having a random smattering of this and that, but it was yummy. Sometimes those types of meals are the best because you get small tastes of lots of different items.

4. Planning a date! Yep, Mason and I have a date tonight and we’re still making the plans but we’re both super excited…details later.

5. Evening naps. We were relaxing on the couch last night and I fell asleep while Mason plowed through Breaking Dawn. It was so nice to have a short little evening nap. Just enough to refresh, but not too much to keep awake all night long.

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