it’s done!

1. Mason has completed his ordination exam– at the loverly hour of o’12:30 AM today. But never mind the hour, it’s done and it’s off on the way to Louisville, KY. Now we just have to pray for the hearts and minds of the readers to be open during the process since the process is so incredibly subjective.

2. USC Basketball. Since Mason was at home last night finishing his exam after work and I really wanted to go to the game, I gave the ‘rents a ringy-dingy and they picked me up. We had a yummy supper and spent lots of time catching up. Then we walked (in the rain) to the Colonial Center and enjoyed another fun basketball game experience.

3. Being with Mama.She makes me happy. Hard to believe that I actually hated her guts when I was a senior in high school. I’m thinking the 10:30 PM curfew the summer before I went to college may have had something to do with that. Nonetheless, we enjoy each other now and for that I’m immensely thankful!

4. Sunshine & warmth. The day was partly sunny and partly warm today and I’m so happy. I do like the “winter” sometimes, but when you’re cold in your office and then outside too, it makes it easy to not like the winter and pine for the warm days.

5. Firedrills. Most people complain about them but I actually welcomed the distraction. It was kinda nice.

6. Mason’s gratitude. He was very thankful to me last night for taking care of him during this week of exam not-so-fun-ness. I enjoy taking care of him, but it makes it so much more enjoyable when he’s truly and deeply thankful. I think I heard the words “thank you” more last night while I was rooting him on to finish printing  his exam (at the loverly hour of o’12:00 AM) than I have in the past month! Just makes me smile to know how much he appreciates me…

One thought on “it’s done!

  1. I, too, had to retake (2 exams). The professors could not help with why I failed, it made no sense to them. So you just redo and hope for better readers. I’ll pray for Mason’s readers as I pray for mine.


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