had a great weekend!

1. A really great discussion in class. The rock-your-world kind.

2. Feeling affirmed in my call to ministry.

3. Being asked to preach at yet ANOTHER church! Wow, really flattered!

4. Surprising Mason with tickets to the World Beer Festival on Saturday.

5. Another fun basketball date night.

6. Having one of the children say, “Miss Katie is this class over yet because I don’t want it to be over” about Sunday school.

7. Learning of a coworkers pregnancy – when she thought she was unable to have children!

8. An incredible, rocking worship experience with a guest band leader!

9. Meeting some great new young adults at NKP and making plans to spend time with them to get to know them better.

10. Celebrating a baby shower with wonderful ladies from church. We’re so excited for you Jennifer!

11. Cathartic cleaning of the house.

12. Ramen noodles. Sometimes you just can’t top them.

13. Laughter! For about 4 hours straight yesterday afternoon.

14. My relationship with my Mama!

15. Praying for Mason, my incredible husband.

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