from the past week (in no particular order)

Finding simple abundance in:

1. Returning home from a few days in beautiful, powdery & flaky snow to wake up and see powdery, flaky snow at home.

2. Snow day cancellations & delays allowing for extra sleep after a youth trip yielding no sleep!

3. Same snow day cancellations & delays making for a very quick commute to work.

4. A hot dog at Sandy’s before a great basketball game.

5. Salt on a painful ulcer.

6. Dr. Anderson & nurse Angie at Watauga Medical Center for their great care of one of my youth who broke his arm on the ski trip.

7. Big, fluffy, powdery flakes of snow over the ski trip weekend!

8. Seeing long-lost friend Brandon – three times over the weekend.

9. Chocolate Swiss therapy from Brandon & the Boone Marble Slab after 9.5 hours of navigating the medical minefield of ski patrol and the ER.

10. A relatively quick (only 1.5 hours) session meeting.

11. Skiing with Mason, even if for only one complete run.

12. Catching up with Jordan over the long weekend.

13. Saltines from my coworker to help ease an upset stomach.

14. Offer of a very yummy dinner from my parents after a long weekend. No cooking required, no cleaning allowed. Thank you Mama & Daddy!

15. Returning home and knowing that my clothes for the week are already clean – the only laundry left to do is that from the trip.

16. Newly framed artwork.

17. A cleaned wedding dress – only 3.5 years later. Now I just have to get it preserved since the cleaner forgot he was going to preserve it for me.

18. The Gamecocks winning against Florida last night, even though all of the Gamecock faithful were certain that we were going to lose the game.

19. Along with that, being the ESPN Highlight of the Night!  Thanks Chris for the link: ESPN Highlight.

20. Being allowed a vacation Sunday off from church – the second job.

21. Making plans for our anniversary trip this year. Yep, you heard right. No anniversary dinner this year – we’ve upgraded to a full-fledged trip!

22. A yummy dessert from a coworker – just because she felt like making a yummy dessert and sharing with everyone.

23. Cinnamon glazed cashews and pecans.

24. An email from my hubby saying that he can’t wait to see me again.

25. Fun earrings that just make you feel pretty.

26. Thinking about tax season. Not for the work involved. For the refund coming.

27. Funny email videos like this one: Walk in Closet.

28. Antihistamines. A must in SC.

29. Creamy potato soup. Preferably from BakerBros or California Dreaming, but I’m not picky.

30. Thankful students. It makes me like my job that much more when the help given is appreciated.

31. Being asked to preach at another church. Flattering!

32. Nestle Toll House mini chocolate chip break-n-bake cookies.

33. Seeing the results of hard work to lose weight pay off in constantly having to pull your pants up when you stand up.

34. The Shop Tart. Thank you JCG for the introduction.

35. A slow day on-call allowing me to catch up on blog reading or writing.

36. Earning free stuff just for using my debit card. Yep, my credit union  now has a program where we get points for using out debit cards as credit when we check out. Free stuff just for buying groceries? Um, yes please.

37. Incredible customer service from Liz @ Clinique @ Belk @ Sandhills. Stopped by one random day to pick up my moisturizer a while back and she has called me and taken orders over the phone everytime Clinique does a bonus. Now that’s what I call customer service.

38. Volunteers who actually volunteer rather than having to be asked, dragged, etc. They just plain make life easier.

39. Shopping with/for my mom. She hates it and I love it, but somehow we have fun together.

40. My Bible Study group, The God Squad. They make me laugh. I love them!

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