saturday & sunday

For today and yesterday:

1. Class. I’m really excited about classes this semester…especially since I’m only taking one class on campus!

2. Saturday afternoons. Yep, in the past four years I’d forgotten how much fun they can be!

3. Catching up with CJC. A great friend was in town (well Charlotte) yesterday and I got to spend a great lunch catching up with him and remembering why I miss having him around on a regular basis.

4. Daddy’s birthday. Saturday was Daddy’s birthday. We discovered that he’s exactly twice my age this year. Mason and I were tasked  with picking up a cheesecake for Daddy from Cheesecake Factory as a surprise to him…and everyone knows how much I love birthdays and surprising others.

5. Cheesecake Factory. Need I say more?

6. Carolina basketball. Had a great sports date with my hubby last night and got to see the Cocks beat Auburn.

7. Young Adult lunches. I love this group of young adults at NKP. God has blessed us with great church friends and we love to join them around the table for monthly lunches at various restaurants. Had a great time today, gang!

8. Exciting news about friends and family. I just get all jumpy and giddy when I hear exciting news about my family members and friends.

9. Shandon’s approval. We were approved tonight by Shandon’s session to move on to the Candidacy phase of our seminary and ordination to ministry process. Next step is a meeting with the CPM on February 17th.

10. Sunday afternoon naps. Mason and I usually take a nap when we get home from church and lunch on Sunday afternoons and it’s one of my favorite times of the week. Some couples have date nights…we have Sunday afternoon naps.

11. My husband. As I sit here and write this, he’s folding our socks and t-shirts and just plain being wonderful. Golly gee, I sure do love that guy…and I’m so thankful that I found one that’s willing to fold socks on a Sunday night.

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