simply abundant

1. Actually enjoying a dreaded Professional Development workshop/meeting. The introvert that I am, I was not looking forward to having to go to this departmental PD meeting today. I have successfully avoided the first 3 of my time in the new office, but today I went to my first one since there were two other “new” people in the office that were also first-timers. I felt more comfortable being with the people I knew, and amazingly enough…I actually enjoyed the guest speaker and learned a lot. And got some useful tools for my internship, too!

2. Andy’s Deli. Enough said. (And yes, I did have lunch meetings there twice this week…don’t judge!)

3. The God Squad. My Bible study is a great group of women from all walks of life with varying levels of faith experience and we have great fun together – and we actually learn stuff, too! We’re working through the women of the Bible this year, and last night we had a great lesson about Abigail. On top of that, we had a killer peach cobbler a la mode from Michelle. I’m so blessed to have these women in my life!!

4. Neighborly warnings. Got a phone call this morning from a friend letting us know about a police officer staked out at an intersection by our neighborhood. Didn’t run that stop sign today…thanks for the warning babe! 🙂

5. Exercise. Going through this strange phase of life where I’m actually excited about getting my fanny kicked in class. What’s wrong with me?!? I’m actually convinced that the new bodyFIT studio has cast a spell over me.

6. Laptops. Love that I can take home my work computer by simply hitting “eject” on the docking station. One of the greatest inventions ever.

7. Affirmations. It’s always good to hear that you’re doing a good job – especially when it comes from your supervisor and you’re in the process of trying a completely new thing…in the church!

8. Pamela & Becky. They are two of my professors at Union and they just plain make me happy. I love their hearts for their students, and they are so dang creative it makes me sick sometimes! I get to have another Pamela/Becky class this semester, and I’m so excited. And I’m thankful that I get to learn under such great minds. I aspire to be like them one day…

One thought on “simply abundant

  1. Glad I could help! I’m just glad we all got away with no traffic tickets. Hmm, I’m not quite sure that’s what they meant by neighborhood watch, but I got your backs!


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