catching up

A few more of my simple abundances from the start of the year since I’ve missed a few days:

1. Piggly Wiggly cupcakes. It may just be the frosting, or it may be the way the cake melts in your mouth, but either way they’re delicious and sometimes I do my grocery shopping at Piggly Wiggly just so that I can get a cupcake to eat for dessert.

2. Unexpected financial blessings!  This one could actually get a post of it’s own, but God never ceases to remind me that He’s in the midst of my life in a very real and tangible way.

3. USC Sports. Despite my frustration with the football team, I’m a gamecock thru and thru and love to cheer them on in victory…or defeat. I am thankful that my husband is just as big a fan and that we can go enjoy Gamecock sports together. Basketball game on Saturday…

4. Blogs. While I know that I’m not the most interesting person in the world, or even the most eloquent person, I do enjoy sharing with others and getting to read what others share with me…and the rest of the world. I love hearing about how holidays were spent, vacations, needs for prayer in lives, catching up with friends, seeing blessings in lives, and most importantly the pictures! If you’re going to blog and I’m a reader of your blog, please keep adding the pictures! I’m thankful that this new technology helps us to stay in touch and know what’s going on in people’s lives.

5. Birthdays. One of my friends says that her birthday should be a national holiday. I agree about mine. I actually think that every birthday should be a national holiday. And If I ever move to Canada or Europe, my birthday will be a national holiday – Boxing Day. I love everything about celebrating a birthday. We got to celebrate three in my immediate family over the holidays – Jesus, me, and my brother Matthew – and my Daddy’s birthday is on Saturday. Mason doesn’t understand my obsession with birthdays as his family never really celebrated them much. Maybe it was the fact that both of my parents’ children were born immediately after Christmas that birthdays were a big deal in my family – no overlapping celebrations. I’m not sure what it is, but I love to celebrate birthdays…especially when it’s Mason’s and I get to spoil him!

6. Gas fireplaces. I grew up with a wood-burning fireplace and the day I came home from school and saw that my parents had actually installed a gas fireplace I was pretty ticked. The smell, the popping, the cracking of a wood fire – all gone. However, on the first cold morning when I had to get up for swim practice before the sun and all I had to do was turn a knob, I was converted! I love the instant heat from a gas fireplace, and after our ski trip last year to a house with a wood-burning fireplace, I loved my gas fireplace all the more!

7. Space heaters. Speaking of instant heat. When I’m freezing my fingers off in my office building – the Moore School likes to keep their employees and students wide awake – I just reach down and turn on my little space heater and start to feel all warm and fuzzy again. Thank you to the person who invented little travel space heaters!

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