exciting news!

It’s all been made official in the respective locations, so it’s officially okay to announce publicly that: Katie has a new job starting Monday, September 22nd! Yeah! Wednesday, September 17th will be my last day with Graduate School and I will take two days off prior to starting my new position as a Program Manager in the USC Career Center. I’ll be working specifically with the Moore School of Business students, but will also be working career fairs, serving as a walk-in advisor on a rotating basis, teaching University 101 career assessment classes, and most importantly to me, having more contact with students – Undergraduates, too!

From interview to offer, this move has seemed completely God-ordained. I had my phone interview while at the Montreat Youth Conference in late July. I wasn’t too sure about how the interview went considering that I was not mentally prepared for the interview! I was slightly (haha!) preoccupied with the youth and the conference, and the whole thing just threw me for a loop. Needless to say, they liked what I said and they invited me in for a first interview. I thought it went well although it was much shorter than they told me it would last, so that made me question how well it actually went. I was told that I would hear something in about two or three weeks, and first thing the next week I was called and asked to come in for a second interview with the director. It lasted twice as long as I was told to prepare for, and I really liked the new director and where the conversation went, so I was taking that all as a good sign.  He told me they would be moving quickly and to expect to hear from them in about three days. Little did I know that I would be hearing from them THE VERY NEXT DAY to unofficially offer me the position! They formally offered me the job two days after my second interview and I was ecstatic. With being in school, leading the youth and children at NKP, serving as a student intern this next year, and also getting ready for hospital internships next fall, I was brutally honest with them about my schooling needs as far as time off, etc. They looked it all over and said that it would not be a problem and that they could work with me as much as needed next fall for my hospital internship. So…just to test the waters a bit more, I sent them an actual list of the days I would need off through August of next year, and they said that everything looked fine, too! Heck, I’ll even be scheduling my own teachings and trainings in this job! All in all, it just seemed like God was leading me down this path and I’m so excited to see what comes of the new position. I see it as maybe a glimpse into my ultimate career, but I’m still allowing God to lead me where that’s concerned.

I did a lot of consulting the Big Man Upstairs and my husband before making the decision. Every possible “problem” that I could see with taking a new job so close to my upcoming internships in school was washed away. This is a great opportunity for me right now, and career wise. I usually freak out about big changes like this, and I’m not going to lie I have had my fair share of anxiety about it all – especially about resigning, but mostly I just feel at peace about this impending move. There will be a learning curve given that I’ve never had career assessment experience, but I’m very excited to learn what’s in store and ‘m about ready to jump in with both feet.

While I will miss my friends (and family members) at the Graduate School, I know that I’m just over the bridge from the Horseshoe and we can all meet in the middle at two of our favorite lunch spots, McCutcheon House and the Garden Grille. I have been so blessed these past 33 months to work in such a dynamic office that has taught me vaulable work and life lessons, and one that had well prepared me for this next venutre in life.

Thanks be to God for this new opportunity, and thanks to my GS friends who have helped shape and mold me to prepare me for the move.

2 thoughts on “exciting news!

  1. Katie! That is fabulous news! I know that you will love your new job and will continue to grow in your career as well as in your personal life! Congratulations!!! I’m so excited for you!


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