the blessing of relaxation & alone time

Katie and Mason don’t get much time alone. Yes, we do share a car ride to Charlotte and back every Saturday, and we do tend to sleep in the same bed with each other, and we do try and eat lunch together on weekdays, but that’s about the extent of our “alone time.” I guess that’s sort of what happens when you give control of your life over to God and say “here…do with me what you want.” In our case, God has done just that and often laughs while doing so!

We don’t vacation alone much because we also like to spend time with family, so we tend to have our vacations be family vacation time. We don’t get much vacation time period because of our school schedules and when we do have a weekend off from classes, we’ve long since planned a youth event so that the NKPY can feel loved and like a normal youth group…even with completely un-normal youth directors. We don’t get date nights very much since lots of our dinners or lunches out include family, our pastor, or the young adults from church. Even our trips to and from Charlotte are about to change as one of our friends will now be carpooling with us as she starts seminary this fall. And, when we do have time to squeeze in some extras, we’re always trying to meet up with the college friends who are in town for the weekend, or we are running in to a USC football or baseball game before kickoff or first pitch. Don’t get me wrong…it’s not a complaint about our lifestyle…we love it!…it just reinforces how important this past weekend was for us!

I’ve been lately craving some “alone time” with Mason, and he just didn’t quite get it. We had planned to go to a friend’s beach house for Labor Day weekend, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with these plans. We were both off from work Thursday – Monday, so I wanted some “us” time before the semester starts back on Saturday. We hemmed and hawwed over the idea of spending money on a place to stay alone vs. the free beach house that came with family and friends, but in the end I won…even just for one night. And let me tell you, it was worth every stinking shiny penny spent!

We left Columbia on Friday afternoon and made a quick stop by CarrieAnne & Adam’s house to check in on them and our nephew, Aiden. After seeing them for a bit, we traveled on into Charleston to check into the Charleston Place for the night. I’ve always wanted to visit, but never in my life wanted to spend the money to stay there. Well, we decided to throw caution to the wind and make a big night of it. We got all spiffied up and Mason asked the concierge to make us dinner reservations downtown. We were thinking High Cotton, but were advised to check out Anson…best piece of advice we’ve ever received!! We enjoyed an incredible self-created five course meal (of which we both ate every single bite!), followed by a walk to Battery Park and then drinks back at the Thoroughbred Club at the  hotel. The next morning we had breakfast at the Palmetto Cafe and Mason booked me a massage at The Spa at Charleston Place. I’m telling you…HEAVEN ON EARTH! Our time on Friday night came to an all-too-quickly end, but I truly felt like the most special woman on earth. I had a hot date, wonderful food, a beautiful room with a wonderful view, a great breakfast and a very relaxing massage that my husband arranged for me. I kept thanking Mason over and over for the time in Charleston, and I reminded him several times that we have to make this an annual event…to which he quickly laughed each time. It truly was a blessing from God that we were able to spend the time together to just reconnect, relax and enjoy the company of our spouse. I know that we won’t be able to do things like that very often, but the times we can make them that much more special and important to our relationship…especially in our crazy busy lives. It’s times like these when God allows us to take time away from everything and just “be” that I am so thankful and feel so loved by not just my husband, but by God.

The blessing of relaxation continued when we drove up the road to North Litchfield to enjoy some time with our friends and my parents at The Hideaway. It’s always a fun time where too much food and adult beverage is consumed and too much money is spent. We introduced them to the Wii and watched a lot of college football! All in all it was a fantastic weekend where we were able to recharge and enjoy for the rest of the weekend with family before the school year and our internships really get going! Heck, I enjoyed it so much that I’m almost ready to say “bring on the semester, God!” … but I’m not quite there yet! I’ll enjoy my last few days of peace before Saturday morning…

We hope you enjoy a few pictures from our mini-vacation.

In the Himalayas of Williams-Brice for the victory over NC State.
In the Himalayas of Williams-Brice for the victory over NC State.


Go Cocks!


Uncle Fuzzy & Aiden
Uncle Fuzzy & Aiden


North Litchfield
North Litchfield



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