prayers for the Nelson family

When you say your prayers today or tonight, please remember Courtney Moore Nelson and the rest of the Nelson family. Courtney lost her husband on Tuesday morning shortly after they made the decision to remove him from life support. Chuck has been fighting cancer for some time now and returned to Duke not too long ago in remission and ready to start the process of a bone marrow transplant. The doctors discovered that he was no longer in remission, and not long after putting him back in the hospital did he begin to get worse.

As of Sunday night Chuck had developed another blood infection and was becoming septic. Monday morning things got worse and he only declined from there. Monday night they took him off of life support after Courtney was able to spend about an hour alone with him. He passed away on Tuesday morning.

Courtney is due with a little boy in November. She also lost her mother to a very  ugly cancer battle when we were in high school and college. I cannot begin to imagine what she is going through right now, but I know that through the power of prayer she will be blessed and strengthened during these trials. Please be in prayer for Courtney, her family, and the rest of Chuck’s family. May God give them the strength and courage to face the days ahead, especially with the blessing and miracle of a new baby boy.

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