could we be so bold to ask you to please join us in prayer for our family over potential decisions that may occur in the next week? it’s an exciting time, but one that comes with decisions that must be prayed over and considered carefully and faithfully.

also, a HUGE thank you to all that prayed for us on Friday/Saturday morning during our Polity exam!! we both feel as confident as possible about it given the questions asked on the exam, so thank you for the prayers. we’ll find out the results in late October.

now…on to exegeting Matthew and Zechariah by 9:00am Thursday morning…

One thought on “decisions

  1. You two are both doing great and we’re so proud of you! We are continuing to pray for wisdom and confidence throughout this testing process. Keep up the good work and we can’t wait to hear the results. We’ll also add in some prayers for good decision making this coming week. We know you’re both very thoughtful and you’ll find the right answers. Much love-Heather, Patrick and Anna


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