As I have alluded to in earlier posts (see: Working Out…Biggest Loser Style), I get extremely excited every time the Summer Olympics come around. I’m addicted to the swimming, and I always revert back into both swimmer and coach modes. Every four years, I am tempted to strap on my bathing suit and join one of the relay teams…convinced that I can still anchor a team the way I could in the past.

Last night was no exception. Mason and I spent the weekend at a wedding and Mason made the comment to some friends that on Sunday when we returned home, Katie would be glued to the TV watching the Olympics. Yep. He was right! While I had to miss the opening ceremonies due to the rehearsal dinner, I did get to see some stellar athleticism every now and again this weekend, and really got to watch my team shine in the swimming last night.

And the best part about my Olympics addiction…NBC’s new “Alert Me” text message/email alert system. One can go onto the website, pick an event, and enter a cell number or email address where one would like NBC to notify them thirty minutes prior to the start of the chosen event. Coolest Idea Ever.

And you can bet that NBC will be alerting me for Dara Torres’ 50M Freestyle swim at the end of the week!

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