montreat bound

We’re both beyond ourselves with excitement – and a bit of stress – about this upcoming week at Montreat Youth Conference. We are taking 6 youth from New Kirk on their first ever adventure into the world of MYC. While some of them have been to the Montreat Ski Weekend before, none of them has any idea what kind of fun adventures await them this coming week! They are all excited…but man, they’re in for a BIG treat!

Mason and I, along with our dear friend and fellow youth advisor, Rusty, are going to chaperon the youth AND participate in the conference as small group leaders. This is my first time being a small group leader, Rusty’s first time being a small group leader, and Mason’s first full-fledged youth conference. Among the NKP leadership, it should make for an interesting week. My mom is going to be the “house mommy” and she’s so excited to see the youth and their reactions to the week. I grew up going to youth conference, as did Rusty, and my mom and Mason have been on vacation in Montreat before during youth conferences, but none of us can even come close to describing the experience. It’s just something that you have to experience at least once in your lives. There is definitely the Holy Spirit involved in that conference! It never ceases to amaze me that God continually gathers six weeks worth of youth conferences each year…that’s well over 9,000 high schoolers each summer! Oh, and to see their joy and passion…

In preparation for this exciting event and this incredible ground-breaking conference for the NKP youth, we’ve been doing a lot of praying and we’d like to ask you to pray along with us. Here are some of our prayers:

  • For Katie, Mason, Rusty & Candy as we prepare to lead these 6 youth. Especially for Katie & Mason as they finish finals this weekend the day before departing for Montreat.
  • For the conference leadership. It’s a scary calling to stand up and lead 1,500 HIGH SCHOOLERS!
  • For Rachel, Melissa, Kyle, Kristen, Daniel, and Margaux as they venture off into the world of MYC. Pray that they would have opened hearts and minds and no pre-conceived expectations. And that God would completely blow out of the water any expectations that they may have!
  • For rest so that we can all adequately focus on the lessons being taught.
  • For the parents as they pray for their youth during the week.
  • For the MYC small group leaders as they work to unpack the messages being explored this coming week.
  • For God’s blessing on each and every conferee, work crew, staff and conference leader.
  • For the Holy Spirit to be present in a very mighty way!
  • For safe travels and a safe, fun trip whitewater rafting on Wednesday afternoon.
  • For Jana as she braves a week with the two boys while Rusty is braving 6 teenagers.
  • For the NKP congregation as they pray for the youth during the week.
  • For a healthy week with no major injuries or illnesses.

Thank you so much for covenanting to pray with and for us about this exciting adventure. We are so blessed to be a part of these youth’s lives and it’s and incredible honor that God would give us the opportunity to take them to their first ever MYC. We know that it’s going to be a great week, and with your prayers it will hopefully be an excellent week.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers! We’ll be sure to update you on the conference as we are able. Words cannot describe the anticipation…only a few more days until “go time.”

Montreat, here we come!

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