taking some steps against breast cancer

Heather, Candy, Katie and Kathy at Walk For Life 2007



I am participating in the 18th annual First Ladies’ Walk for Life…Steps Against Breast Cancer benefiting the Palmetto Health South Carolina Comprehensive Breast Center.  I am contacting you to support me in my endeavors!  This year’s Walk for Life is Saturday, October 4.

What can you do to help? Please Click here to visit my Web page and support me by making a donation! Simply click on Donate to My Walk for Life on my web page.

I hope that you’ll consider joining me again this year for the 2008 Palmetto Health Foundation Walk For Life…Steps Against Breast Cancer. The walk will be on Saturday, October 4th.We had such a great time last year…and we hope that you’ll consider walking with us again this year! Please visit the link above to either donate to the New Kirk Team, or to register to be a member of the New Kirk Team. Strap on your shoes and come walk with us to take steps against Breast Cancer on October 4th. See you there!
Some risk factors for breast cancer:
  • Being female and older than 40
  • Being a female older than 35 whose mother or sister had breast cancer
  • Being a female who has never been pregnant or first becomes pregnant after the age of 35
  • Being a female who has already had cancer in one breast
  • Being a female with excessive fat or calorie intake

The biggest risk factor is being female!  Men are diagnosed with breast cancer but women are diagnosed much more frequently.

Last year’s Walk for Life raised more than $400,000!  With your help, this year we can raise even more!

The Walk for Life provides funds for research, patient and family support services and the promotion of breast cancer awareness and education.  All funds stay local.



Also, I thought you might enjoy a picture taken at The State Newspaper by Kim Kim Foster-Tobin (a fellow thyroid cancer survivor!) last September. It shows both of us in front of the winning bandanna that we designed for Walk For Life last year. Each of the survivors was given a bandanna, as you will notice in the above picture of Mama from the walk last year. Enjoy.

Katie and Mason Todd designed the winning bandanna for Breast Cancer Survivors walking in the First Ladies Walk for Life…Steps Against Breast Cancer. Katie, a thyroid cancer survivor, was inspired by her mother, Candy Barrett, who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in May and underwent a double mastectomy in June. Other women in Katie Todd’s family have endured breast cancer including her grandmother and her aunt who died from the disease.   The Todds design an inner circle of survivors,  linked by ribbons, surrounded by a border of similarly linked people representing the support community. Words such as Grace, Beauty, Hope, Faith, Family  and Victory ring the outside. Katie believes these words represent the men, women and families that are living with and surviving breast cancer.  Katie had the vision for the bandanna, while Mason interpreted it into a working and winning design.     

 (09/20/07-photo illustration by  Kim Kim Foster-Tobin/kkfoster@thestate.com)

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