chaco virgins

Erin would be so proud of us. Today Mason and I bought our first ever pairs of Chacos – and man, those suckers are COMFY!  We were out and about running errands and I remembered that I needed to get a pair of shoes that would be sufficient for both roller coasters and white water rafting, so we went on the hunt.

We started at Belk so that I could buy a pair of the Crocs Mary Janes because: I had a coupon to Belk, Crocs are cheap, and let’s face it, you can say that they are ugly, but those suckers are comfortable. Well, it just so happened that the Belk that we went to didn’t have them. Mason had suggested a few weeks ago that we go get a pair of Chacos or Teva’s, so I did my research…called Erin for her advice. Since Belk didn’t have want I wanted I decided that rather than making Mason suffer through another department store today I took his suggestion and we headed to Half Moon. Our friend Katie Walsh is the store manager, so we decided to get her expertise on the new shoe purchase. Well it took her all of about 5 minutes to sell me on a pair, and then when she put them on my feet…well, lets just say that we both left the store with a new pair…on our feet! Yep, we told the cashier that we didn’t even want a bag!

Given that this Sunday we take the youth to Carowinds and in two weeks we go to Montreat for some hiking, rock hopping, and white water rafting, our new shoes couldn’t have come at a better time. Yes, we may be Chaco Virgins, Katie, but we’re two very happy and comfortable Chaco Virgins! Our cashier John even said that he’s gotten to the point in life that if he can’t wear his Chacos to a certain place, he doesn’t want to go to that place. Who knows…we may be there sooner than you think! Good thing USC has casual Fridays, huh?

If you don’t have a pair…it just may be worth the investment. As Katie says, Chacos change your life! Heck, they even made me branch out of my traditional black-shoeness. I bought the new brown ones! We’ll have to see about the life changes, though…


Our New Shoes.
And yes, mine do match my toes. An added bonus!

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