ch…ch…ch…changes at USC

My beloved Alma Mater, and my current employer, the University of South Carolina, is undergoing some exciting changes these days. The Board of Trustees has voted today to hire Dr. Harris Pastides as our newest President. He will take over for Dr. Andrew Sorensen on August 1st.

The University is getting ready to begin a large capital campaign and wanted to hire a President that would be willing to stay for at least the full seven years planned for the campaign. While I am sad to see Dr. Sorensen go, and I am a bit sad that USC did not hire one of the two female finalists for the position, I have the utmost respect for Dr. Pastides and feel that he will be exactly the leader that this University seeks and needs. I had the pleasure of working with him a tiny bit while I was a student worker in the University Communications office, and I learned to love him. He is very intelligent, strong willed but compassionate, and a fantastic leader – he’ll be a wonderful asset to the hall of past University presidents.

To all of you inactive alumni, I hope that you’ll begin to pay a bit more attention to your alma mater over the next few years. Yes, you’ll probably be contacted to give more money, but pay close attention to the exciting growth and development that will be taking place in the coming months and years. It’s an exciting time to be a student, alumnus, staff member or faculty member at the University of South Carolina.

So, Dr. Pastides, on the off chance that you’ll ever read this blog – haha! – I wish you a very warm Gamecock Welcome into the Presidency at USC. You’ve served us very well as a Vice President, and we’re all eager and excited to see what you have planned for our future. Welcome!

Oh, and as my friend Emily alluded to in her post yesterday, get ready for some great fashion, personality and involvement from the new first lady!

To see the video of the announcement this morning, please visit:


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