Fun with the Wii

Video games were not allowed at my house growing up and I turned out to be a completely normal kid. So, the rule stood at my house with my husband…until our anniversary this year. The Anniversary Fairy visited our house and magically a few days later a Wii was delivered. I had some aversion to this delivery until I saw my husband’s reaction. He was beyond excited at even the thought of receiving such a gift, so you can only imagine how excited he was to have it physically in his possession.

The timing of the delivery was perfect. Mason got to enjoy several hours of Wii fun over the holiday weekend before the reality of school and work sunk back in this week. The fear has always been that if we had a video game Mason would spend ALL of his time playing and none of his time doing the necessary schoolwork or housework that went along with being a responsible adult. (It is no secret that Mason still frequently requires adult supervision!) Needless to say, he shocked me with a very mature statement yesterday afternoon. “I’m going to play the Wii now since I know that I won’t get to play it during the week because of school.” WOW! Maybe he IS responsible enough to have a video game system.

Saturday night my dad was bachin’ it while my mom headed off to Litchfield, so Mason invited him over for a bit of man-food and boy-toy time. We enjoyed some hot dogs, beer (wine for me) and some friendly competition on the Wii. The old man still has some moves…he put Mason to shame in boxing! I must say, it was hilarious watching the boys have that much fun!

This video game system really is so much better than the traditional Nintendo…although nothing beats the original. I like the idea of being active while playing. And a few sore muscles ain’t too bad for the fitness plan, either. Maybe I won’t have to kill the Anniversary Fairy after all…

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