We are so blessed that in our crazy lives we are able to have the types of friendships that stay exactly the same no matter how much time passes between visits or even conversations. This takes the pressure off of both parties in trying to squeeze “the perfect friendship” into insanely busy everyday lives. This is especially beneficial when your friends don’t live in the same neighborhood or even in the same state. And this is very much the case for both of our friendships with a large number of our friends…especially as real life takes over and jobs/spouses require us to move away. One of Mason’s longtime best friends has moved to  Maryland, and the majority of his college friends have moved to various different states. Several of my girlfriends are in different states. This does make everyday activities with these particular friends a bit hard – no movies on a random night, no Martini nights at a local restaurant, no regular attendance at birthday parties, and no workday lunches – but thanks to the Internet and free cell phone minutes, keeping in touch is not as hard as it could be. And the distance really does make the heart grow fonder – the reunions are that much sweeter!

The running joke in my family is that wherever I go, the Katies will follow. This was the case in elementary, middle and high school, and especially in college. My sorority was overrun with Katies, and my “family” was no exception. My big sis  was Katie, her big sis was Katie, my little sis was Katie, my grand little sis was Katie, there was a Diana thrown in there, and my big sis’s roommate was Kaiti who also became my roommate. If you can keep that straight, I’ll buy you a martini! OH! And I have a new Katy in my life…my brother’s absolutely wonderful girlfriend. We’re still not sure how he snagged her, but the family is working hard to keep her around…despite Matthew.

Well, we love our Katie/Kaiti reunions, and that was exactly what we got on Wednesday. (To help keep everyone straight, we go by last names which gets a bit confusing when marriage takes place.) Kaiti Bishop came through town on Wednesday night for a dinner break with us while traveling from Ware Shoals to Sumter. She’s having a whirlwind traveling session this summer to be with family while her husband is in Iraq and school’s out of session, so we try and pin her down whenever she comes through town. Kaiti was my big sis’ roomate  and also my former roommate, for those of you trying to keep it all straight! Given our short amount of time with Kaiti and her new family addition Collin, we wanted to pick a quality dinner establishment and settled upon the cheese fries at Outback.

While I finished work, Kaiti went to see Katie’s new house and I met them over there before we headed to dinner. I did call ahead seating for “Katie” thinking that it would the be easiest name for any of us to remember when we arrived. And it worked. We spent the next two hours catching up, meeting Collin, learning about life as a temporarily single mom who works full time as a teacher and is currently finishing her masters in education. Wow, and I thought I had a busy life! At least the person who lives with me is somewhat self sufficient…

We laughed, giggled, reminisced, and planned future trips to Jacksonville, NC and longer visits back to Columbia. Collin even finally got out of his tired grumpiness briefly enough for us to take a few pictures. We tried to tell him that one day he’d be excited to be sitting between to good looking girls, but that didn’t seem to work much. Either way, fussy or cheerfully, he truly is one of the most precious babies I’ve ever seen. It’s not very often that you can actually tell who the baby resembles, but with Collin it’s a dead giveaway. He is the spitting image of his Daddy, Robert, but has his Mama’s adorable button nose. I would gladly take him home with me, but I don’t think that I could pass him off as my child. His smile can light up a room, and even his cry is adorable. But that boy has a set of lungs!!!

When Kaiti and Collin got on the road to Sumter, Katie and I went back to her house to spend some QT by the pool. As I told Kaiti the other day, her visit did my heart good. And it wasn’t even awkard that we haven’t seen each other in about a year…

Mason and I are so blessed that God has placed such incredible people in our lives. We are nurtured and loved by each one of our friends, and we love every bit of time that we get to spend with them. We’re just so thankful that we can pick up where we left off and don’t have to strain ourselves to make the relationship work. After all, who has exactly the amount of time that they really want to have that they can put toward every relationship that they want to keep the way it once was?

Beautiful Mama, Kaiti. Motherhood looks wonderful on her!

Katie, Collin and Katie

Katie,  Kaiti, Collin and Katie
This picture pretty much sums up the night!


Kaiti & Collin, please come back soon for a visit. And we can’t wait to see Robert when he gets home from Iraq. We love you very much, and a visit from y’all always does my heart good. Enjoy your summer, and we’ll see you on your way back from Tampa to Jacksonville.

All our love, Katie & Mason

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