Working Out…Biggest Loser Style

Over the past year events and excuses kept popping up in our household as to why we weren’t able to fit in a workout or even a walk around the neighborhood. “We were busy with homework, we worked extra hours, church took up too much time, too much reading of Barth or Calvin to do this week, Mama needed extra care on a chemo week”…you  name it, we made up an excuse for it. WELL, all of the sudden we’re making up the same excuses for why our pants don’t fit quite like they used to, or why we are soooo sleepy all the time. Either way, we have no more excuses and we’ve adopted the Jillian & Bob theory on working out – NO EXCUSES, JUST DO IT!

It’s been quite amazing, actually. The more we work out, for the most part the more energetic we are during the day. I won’t say that we have more energy for say late nite partying or anything…we just seem to be a bit more awake during the day. Getting up at 5:10 AM for an aerobics class is not really my cup of tea, but I actually feel better when I do it. I’ve discovered that if we save our workout time until after work, that’s when the excuses begin to fly. “I’m too tired, I’ve had a long day, I have a headache, I have to work late, supper will take too long to cook, too much homework, a good show is on tonight, I have band practice”…you get the point. But, hey…NO EXCUSES! That’s why the alarm goes off at 5:10 for Katie, and 6:00 for Mason.

Today was an especially hard for me to get motivated. I had a late night last night, and I’ve been out of commission for a few days with some sort of bug that’s been going around the USC campus. I was fairly slow-going and a bit weak this morning in class…until Sophia kicked it into high gear. There is something about that woman that she starts off a bit slower making you feel confident about the workout and before you know it…BAM!! You’re butt’s getting kicked all over the place and you don’t even realize it! All in all, it was a good workout. She even had us running around the room literally jumping with high knees over each individual Reebok step when we came to one. So much for a “take it easy” kind of workout day.

Well, on the way to work Mason and I had a discussion about motivation. He said, “You know, I’m much more motivated to work out when the alarm goes off that early and I know that you got up almost an entire hour before me to go workout.” Gee thanks, hun, for giving ME motivation int he morning. In actuality, I was explaining to him that just going to that early morning class is motivation/accountability enough for me. There are 4 of us that are regulars and we have the occasional straggler or three for a particular class. The regulars sorta keep each other accountable and encourage each other when we’re “not really feeling it” on a particular day. Most of the instructors are the same each week, so we know what kind of workout we’re signing up for each morning. AND, I know that when I get home at 7:10, if Mason is not out of bed, I get to give him all sorts of grief… That right there is some motivation, baby!

We’ve decided that since we’re being serious about this “working out” thing, and since we both have a free membership to the USC Blatt gym since we are staff here, we’re gonna double whammy ourselves on some days. Mason runs in the morning while I take an aerobics class. Now, we’re adding in weightlifting for Mason and swimming for Katie in the afternoons. It’ll be a lot at first, so we’re easing ourselves into the new pattern. The goal is to be back in pretty darn good shape by the time classes start back up in early September.

Our planned routine:
Monday – afternoon weights/swimming
Tuesday – morning run/aerobics & afternoon weights/swimming
Wednesday – morning run/aerobics OR afternoon weights/swimming
Thursday – morning run/aerobics & afternoon weights/swimming
Friday – morning run/aerobics OR afternoon weights/swimming

Feel free to double check on us and hold us further accountable. Goodness knows we could use it some days!

Katie’s just super excited because she has new swimming gear. For the first time in my life, I actually own my own kickboard AND pull bouey. Heck, I even splurged and bought myself a brand spankin’ new suit! (Mostly because the older racing suits – size 26 – won’t fit anymore right now, but there’s nothing like new gear to get you at least a bit excited and motivated!)   


Lookout World…here she comes!! She’s London 2012 bound…

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