Too often in my life I take things for granted. Especially my husband. I don’t ever take enough time to really thank him for being the man that he is to me, and I really don’t ever take enough time to thank God for the wonderful blessing of my husband.

This past Wednesday we celebrated three years together. Well, actually we’ve been together for nine years, but for the past three of them we’ve been legally attached. I got to spend a lovely day at home doing nothing in particular with Mason, and it was absolutely wonderful. We both have such busy lives that we don’t really take the time to slow down and just enjoy each others presence. We’re together for most of the time that we’re both awake and asleep, but so often I take him for granted and forget to really treasure the rare “slow” moments that God provides. Heck, our anniversary even snuck up on both of us this year!

On Wedensday I told Mason how much I love and appreciate him, but the time we spent together just being us really made me stop and truly appreciate him. So, in honor of my husband and the glorious nine/three years we’ve spent together, I thought I’d share some pictures and a few reasons why I’m so thankful that God gave me the absolutley perfect life partner. 

Here, in no particular order, are a few reasons why I’m beyond thankful for my husband:

  1. He has the most precious laugh.
  2. He loves my family unconditionally.
  3. He reminds me all the time of God’s love for me – just by loving me.
  4. He cooks.
  5. He cleans the kitchen – somewhat.
  6. He encourages me.
  7. He has held my hand through some of the darkest valleys and helped me to see the light when I couldn’t see it for myself.
  8. He has an INCREDIBLE voice! I could sit and watch him praising our Lord in song for hours on end.
  9. He’s artistically inclined and doesn’t make fun of my shabby looking stick figures.
  10. He takes care of me when I’m sick.
  11. He took care of my Mama when she was sick.
  12. He loves his Mama.
  13. He is so good with kids, and LOVES his nephews, Aiden and Neil.
  14. He can’t control his portions and always wants more meal for dessert.
  15. He makes me laugh, cry, mad, happy, thankful, ticked off – basically every emotion and I love him for that.
  16. He takes out the trash!
  17. He can sit in class and not take a single note but remember the lesson better than me. (I’m jealous!)
  18. He loves the Lord and has a passion for sharing that love with everyone he meets.
  19. He’s such a hard worker.
  20. His eyes…
  21. His curly hair.
  22. He is such a great teacher and leader to our youth at church.
  23. He let’s me sleep on the way to class every Saturday morning, no matter how tired he is.
  24. He fixes me lunch every day.
  25. He has the softest hands, and gives the most perfect hugs!
  26. He is incredibly loyal and such a wonderful friend.
  27. He’s always has a good time.
  28. He’s unbelievably thoughtful.
  29. He loves me, and tells me all the time.


Memory Lane in Pictures:

Our Wedding Day

 Uncle Fuzzy and Aiden

He shaved his head when Mama lost her hair!

He’s so Handsome!

Our Third Anniversary


Although I may not tell you enough, Mason, I love you very much and I am eternally grateful that God would entrust you to me. Thank you for the blessing and joy of your partnership. Here’s to many more years…

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